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Software Reference

A. Software Download and Installation
I.   eaiDemoAUV & eaiDemoBoids Packages
B. Javadoc Documentation
J. helicopter Package
C. DIS Data Dictionary
K. logger Package
D. auv (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) Package
L. math Package
E. awt (Abstract Window Toolkit) Package
M. relate Agent Architecture Package
F. bridge Package
N. testing Package
G. dis Package
O. util (utilities) Package
H. disEnumerations Package
P. org.web3d.vrtp.net (network) Package
Q. org.web3d.vrtp.security Package

A. Software Download and Installation

The Software Download and Installation page includes all VRML scenes, HTML viewers, documentation, Java source and Java bytecode.

A Makefile is used to compile and maintain the dis-java-vrml software. Results from the latest software build appear in makeBuild.out.

B. Javadoc Documentation

Automatically generated documentation for all Java packages, classes, methods and fields for the dis-java-vrml distribution.

VRML Script classes are also linked for easy reference (thanks to Greg Seidman).

B. DIS Data Dictionary

Automatically generated from the IEEE DIS Specification, the DIS Data Dictionary provide detailed descriptions of all the Protocol Data Unit (PDU) types, as well as extensive enumeration values to be used in PDU fields.

You will want to use the dis Package to specify PDUs when writing code.

You will want to use the disEnumerations Package to specify enumeration values when building or reading PDUs.

The SISO Document Library at www.sisostds.org/doclib provides a number of related resources. The DIS Data Dictionary master distribution is online at www.sisostds.org/doclib/doclib.cfm?SISO_RID_1000014 .


D. auv (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) Package

The demo.auv package includes several example worlds showing physics-based applications of the DIS library.

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  Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods


with screen snapshots
BeachTankAuv & BeachTankOverhead

<= this is a recommended demo  
  AuvPduGenerator.html AuvPduGenerator.java
example autogenerated world:
TelemetryPlayback.html TelemetryPlayback.java
mission.output.telemetry.right_turn TelemetryState.html TelemetryState.java
BeamConeEXAMPLE.wrl BeamConePROTO.wrl  


E. awt (Abstract Window Toolkit) Package

The mil.navy.nps.awt package includes a Protocol Data Unit (PDU) reader & writer applets, implemented using the Java Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), that are useful for inspecting or setting the values of PDU fields.

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Readme.txt Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods


screen snapshot

<= this is a recommended demo  
Readme.txt AwtPduViewer.html AwtPduViewer.java
  AwtEspduSender.html AwtEspduSender.java
  AwtEspduSenderFrame.html AwtEspduSenderFrame.java

screen snapshot

<= this is a recommended demo Example data in PduSendData.xls
  SenderThread.html SenderThread.java
  TextAreaStream.html TextAreaStream.java
  UpdateThread.html UpdateThread.java
  EspduDataUI.html EspduDataUI.java
  SocketReadUI.html SocketReadUI.java
  SocketWriteUI.html SocketWriteUI.java


F. bridge Package

The mil.navy.nps.bridge package includes several programs that enable multicast PDU streams to be redirected via unicast sockets. Bridging was initially necessary because some browsers were still using JDK 1.0 and did not have native multicast support. We have revised (or eliminated the need for) all of bridge programs now that connectivity to be browser (both unicast and multicast UDP) has finally been achieved. A future software build may revise all of the default socket addresses & ports simultaneously.

We are working on simple, general and ubiquitous multicast DIS connectivity. Among other things, we expect to connect home PCs via unicast-only phone connections to multicast bridging servers. Currently this work is handicapped by problems in the Windows network stack implementations.

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [source code]
  Package Summary

Index of Fields & Methods

[diagram] This preferred multicast topology diagram shows the connectivity provided to your client browser when your local-area network (LAN) is connected to the Multicast Backbone (MBone).

If we had this connectivity everywhere, no other bridging would be needed. Unfortunately many LANs are not on the MBone, so we must provide a bridge to connect to multicast PDU streams.

Here are the command-line applications to bridge multicast PDUs all the way to the browser.

Client invocation: java mil.navy.nps.bridge.MulticastRelayClient devo.cs.nps.navy.mil 8010

Server invocation on devo.cs.nps.navy.mil: java mil.navy.nps.bridge.MulticastRelayServer 8010 &

Multicast Relay
project report
by Julian Williams
MulticastRelayClient.html MulticastRelayClient.java
MulticastRelayServer.html MulticastRelayServer.java
Here is the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) client to bridge multicast PDUs all the way to the browser.
MulticastRelayClient.html <= this is a recommended demo  
  AwtMulticastRelayClient.html AwtMulticastRelayClient.java
  AwtMulticastRelayClientFrame.html AwtMulticastRelayClientFrame.java
  RelayThread.html RelayThread.java
Readme.txt     Here are several old varieties of applications to bridge multicast PDUs all the way to the browser.
    Windows (.bat) batch files and corresponding Unix shell scripts are provided for each case.
    You probably don't need any of them, they are here for archive information only.
    Someday Don McGregor hopes to take them out behind the barn and end their misery.
[diagram] Local reader/writer bridge program, to patch local multicast into local browser unicast socket localBridge.bat
[diagram] Used only to develop localBridge localReaderBridge.bat
Used only to develop localBridge localWriterBridge.bat
[diagram] Remote reader/writer bridge program, to patch remote multicast into local browser unicast socket remoteBridge.bat
[diagram] Needed to be extended into reader/writer remoteBridge. Superseded. remoteReaderBridge.bat
  BridgeHarness.html BridgeHarness.java
  Bridge.html Bridge.java
  BridgeMulticastToUnicast.html BridgeMulticastToUnicast.java
  BridgeUnicastToMulticast.html BridgeUnicastToMulticast.java
  BridgeUnicastToUnicast.html BridgeUnicastToUnicast.java
  DatagramBridge.html DatagramBridge.java


G. dis Package

The mil.navy.nps.dis package is an extensive class library that provides the core functionality of the DIS-Java-VRML software: reading/writing PDUs from a network stream, then parsing/building PDU contents.

This implementation of the DIS specification includes most - but not all - of the DIS Protocol Data Unit (PDU) types. Here are the status pages on implemented PDUs and implemented records.

The mil.navy.nps.dis package Javadoc includes stub implementations of the vrml.*, vrml.field.* and vrml.node.* classes as defined in the VRML 97 specification Java scripting annex. These stub classes are used to compile dis-java-vrml's Java source code independently of various browser implementations.

You may also want to refer to the local copy of the DIS Data Dictionary to see what the DIS Specification has to say about PDUs.

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [Java source code]
Readme.txt Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

EspduTransformPROTO.wrl EspduTransform.html EspduTransform.java
EspduTransformEXAMPLE.wrl <= this is a simple demo  
  AcknowledgePdu.html AcknowledgePdu.java
  ActionRequestPdu.html ActionRequestPdu.java
  ActionResponsePdu.html ActionResponsePdu.java
  AngularVelocity.html AngularVelocity.java
  ArticulationParameter.html ArticulationParameter.java
  BehaviorStreamBuffer.html BehaviorStreamBuffer.java
  BehaviorStreamBufferFile.html BehaviorStreamBufferFile.java
  BehaviorStreamBufferInfo.html BehaviorStreamBufferInfo.java
  BehaviorStreamBufferTCP.html BehaviorStreamBufferTCP.java
  BehaviorStreamBufferUDP.html BehaviorStreamBufferUDP.java
  BurstDescriptor.html BurstDescriptor.java
  Channel.html Channel.java
  Client.html Client.java
  ClassUtilities.html ClassUtilities.java
  ClockTime.html ClockTime.java
  CollisionPdu.html CollisionPdu.java
  CommentPdu.html CommentPdu.java
  CreateEntityPdu.html CreateEntityPdu.java
  DataPdu.html DataPdu.java
  DataQueryPdu.html DataQueryPdu.java
  DatumSpecification.html DatumSpecification.java
  DetonationPdu.html DetonationPdu.java
  EntityCoordinate.html EntityCoordinate.java
  EntityDispatcher.html EntityDispatcher.java
  EntityID.html EntityID.java
  EntityStatePdu.html EntityStatePdu.java
  EntityType.html EntityType.java
SmoothingDesign.pdf EspduTransform.html EspduTransform.java
  EulerAngle.html EulerAngle.java
  EventID.html EventID.java
  EventReportPdu.html EventReportPdu.java
Firing sound FirePdu.html FirePdu.java
  FixedDatum.html FixedDatum.java
  LinearAcceleration.html LinearAcceleration.java
  ModulationType.html ModulationType.java
  LinearVelocity.html LinearVelocity.java
  MulticastTunnelServer.html MulticastTunnelServer.java
  NetworkStatus.html NetworkStatus.java
  PduElement.html PduElement.java
  PduPublisher.html PduPublisher.java
  PduSubscriber.html PduSubscriber.java
  ProtocolDataUnit.html ProtocolDataUnit.java
  RadioCommunicationsFamily.html RadioCommunicationsFamily.java
  RadioCommunicationsPduScriptNode.html RadioCommunicationsPduScriptNode.java
RadioCommunicationsPrototypes.wrl RadioCommunicationsPrototypes.html RadioCommunicationsPrototypes.x3d
RadioCommunicationsObserver.wrl RadioCommunicationsObserver.html RadioCommunicationsObserver.x3d
  RadioEntityType.html RadioEntityType.java
  ReceiverPdu.html ReceiverPdu.java
  RemoveEntityPdu.html RemoveEntityPdu.java
  RtpHeader.html RtpHeader.java
  RunningAverage.html RunningAverage.java
  SerializationInterface.html SerializationInterface.java
  SetDataPdu.html SetDataPdu.java
  SignalPdu.html SignalPdu.java
  SimulationManagementFamily.html SimulationManagementFamily.java
  StartResumePdu.html StartResumePdu.java
  StopFreezePdu.html StopFreezePdu.java
  Timer.html Timer.java
  TransmitterPdu.html TransmitterPdu.java
  VariableDatum.html VariableDatum.java
  WorldCoordinate.html WorldCoordinate.java


H. disEnumerations Package

The mil.navy.nps.disEnumerations package is an extensive class library that provides enumerations (i.e. special constants), which are the predefined values associated with DIS protocol data unit (PDU) fields.

There is a very helpful local copy of the DIS Data Dictionary which includes

There is a huge range of enumeration values for PDU fields.

These classes have been automatically generated from the on-line DIS Data Dictionary (SISO).

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [Java source code]
DIS Data Dictionary Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

convertJdbeDisEnumerationsToJava.pl perl script to convert a single JDBE reference HTML page
& autogenerate the corresponding disEnumeration Java class
convertAllJdbeDisEnumerationsToJava.bash Shell script to loop through and convert all JDBE reference HTML pages
DisEnumerationsAutogenerated.html is the output file from the complete conversion sequence. Note that:
  • Duplicate enumeration names are appended with unique numeric suffixes.
  • Blank enumerations are assigned names such as ENUMERATION1234, where 1234 is the actual enumeration value.
  • Comments, errors and warnings are embedded in this HTML file.
Acknowledge Flag Field AcknowledgeFlagField.html AcknowledgeFlagField.java
Action ID Field ActionIDField.html ActionIDField.java
Antenna Pattern Type field AntennaPatternTypefield.html AntennaPatternTypefield.java
Beam Function Field BeamFunctionField.html BeamFunctionField.java
Code Name Field CodeNameField.html CodeNameField.java
Collision Type Field CollisionTypeField.html CollisionTypeField.java
Country Field CountryField.html CountryField.java
Crypto System field CryptoSystemfield.html CryptoSystemfield.java
Datum ID Field DatumIDField.html DatumIDField.java
Dead Reckoning Algorithm Field DeadReckoningAlgorithmField.html DeadReckoningAlgorithmField.java
Designator Code Field DesignatorCodeField.html DesignatorCodeField.java
Detonation Result Field DetonationResultField.html DetonationResultField.java
Domain field Domainfield.html Domainfield.java
Emitter Name Field EmitterNameField.html EmitterNameField.java
Encoding Class Field EncodingClassField.html EncodingClassField.java
Encoding Type Field EncodingTypeField.html EncodingTypeField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Frozen Status Field EntityAppearancePlatformFrozenStatusField.html EntityAppearancePlatformFrozenStatusField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Power-Plant Status Field EntityAppearancePlatformPowerPlantStatusField.html EntityAppearancePlatformPowerPlantStatusField.java
Entity Appearance Platform State Field EntityAppearancePlatformStateField.html EntityAppearancePlatformStateField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Launcher Field EntityAppearancePlatformLauncherField.html EntityAppearancePlatformLauncherField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Camouflage Type Field EntityAppearancePlatformCamouflageTypeField.html EntityAppearancePlatformCamouflageTypeField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Concealed Field EntityAppearancePlatformConcealedField.html EntityAppearancePlatformConcealedField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Tent Field EntityAppearancePlatformTentField.html EntityAppearancePlatformTentField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Ramp Field EntityAppearancePlatformRampField.html EntityAppearancePlatformRampField.java
Entity Appearance Platform Afterburner Field EntityAppearancePlatformAfterburnerField.html EntityAppearancePlatformAfterburnerField.java
Entity Appearance Munition Launch Flash Field EntityAppearanceMunitionLaunchFlashField.html EntityAppearanceMunitionLaunchFlashField.java
Entity Appearance Munition Frozen Status Field EntityAppearanceMunitionFrozenStatusField.html EntityAppearanceMunitionFrozenStatusField.java
Entity Appearance Munition State Field EntityAppearanceMunitionStateField.html EntityAppearanceMunitionStateField.java
Entity Appearance LifeForm State Field EntityAppearanceLifeFormStateField.html EntityAppearanceLifeFormStateField.java
Entity Appearance LifeForm Frozen Status Field EntityAppearanceLifeFormFrozenStatusField.html EntityAppearanceLifeFormFrozenStatusField.java
Entity Appearance LifeForm Activity State Field EntityAppearanceLifeFormActivityStateField.html EntityAppearanceLifeFormActivityStateField.java
Entity Appearance LifeForm Weapon1 Field EntityAppearanceLifeFormWeapon1Field.html EntityAppearanceLifeFormWeapon1Field.java
Entity Appearance LifeForm Weapon2 Field EntityAppearanceLifeFormWeapon2Field.html EntityAppearanceLifeFormWeapon2Field.java
Entity Appearance Environmental Density Field EntityAppearanceEnvironmentalDensityField.html EntityAppearanceEnvironmentalDensityField.java
Entity Capabilities Amunition Supply Field EntityCapabilitiesAmunitionSupplyField.html EntityCapabilitiesAmunitionSupplyField.java
Entity Capabilities Fuel Supply Field EntityCapabilitiesFuelSupplyField.html EntityCapabilitiesFuelSupplyField.java
Entity Capabilities Recovery Field EntityCapabilitiesRecoveryField.html EntityCapabilitiesRecoveryField.java
Entity Capabilities Repair Field EntityCapabilitiesRepairField.html EntityCapabilitiesRepairField.java
Entity Damage Field EntityDamageField.html EntityDamageField.java
Entity Fire Power Field EntityFirePowerField.html EntityFirePowerField.java
Entity Flaming Effect Field EntityFlamingEffectField.html EntityFlamingEffectField.java
Entity Hatch State Field EntityHatchStateField.html EntityHatchStateField.java
Entity Kind Field EntityKindField.html EntityKindField.java
Entity Lights Field EntityLightsField.html EntityLightsField.java
Entity Marking Character Set Field EntityMarkingCharacterSetField.html EntityMarkingCharacterSetField.java
Entity Mobility Kill Field EntityMobilityKillField.html EntityMobilityKillField.java
Entity Paint Scheme Field EntityPaintSchemeField.html EntityPaintSchemeField.java
Entity Smoke Field EntitySmokeField.html EntitySmokeField.java
Entity Trailing Effect Field EntityTrailingEffectField.html EntityTrailingEffectField.java
Event Type Field EventTypeField.html EventTypeField.java
Force ID Field ForceIDField.html ForceIDField.java
Frozen Behavior Field FrozenBehaviorField.html FrozenBehaviorField.java
Function Field FunctionField.html FunctionField.java
Fuse Field FuseField.html FuseField.java
High Density Track/Jam Field HighDensityTrackJamField.html HighDensityTrackJamField.java
Input Source field InputSourcefield.html InputSourcefield.java
Major Modulation Type field MajorModulationTypefield.html MajorModulationTypefield.java
Modulation Parameter field ModulationParameterfield.html ModulationParameterfield.java
Parameter Type Articulated Parts LowBits Field ParameterTypeArticulatedPartsLowBitsField.html ParameterTypeArticulatedPartsLowBitsField.java
Parameter Type Articulated Parts HighBits Field ParameterTypeArticulatedPartsHighBitsField.html ParameterTypeArticulatedPartsHighBitsField.java
Parameter Type Attached Parts Field ParameterTypeAttachedPartsField.html ParameterTypeAttachedPartsField.java
Parameter Type Designator Field ParameterTypeDesignatorField.html ParameterTypeDesignatorField.java
PDU Type Field PduTypeField.html PduTypeField.java
Protocol Family Field ProtocolFamilyField.html ProtocolFamilyField.java
Protocol Version Field ProtocolVersionField.html ProtocolVersionField.java
Reason Field ReasonField.html ReasonField.java
Receiver State field ReceiverStatefield.html ReceiverStatefield.java
Reference System Field ReferenceSystemField.html ReferenceSystemField.java
Repair Complete Codes Field RepairCompleteCodesField.html RepairCompleteCodesField.java
Repair Result Field RepairResultField.html RepairResultField.java
Response Flag Field ResponseFlagField.html ResponseFlagField.java
Request Status Field RequestStatusField.html RequestStatusField.java
Service Type Requested Field ServiceTypeRequestedField.html ServiceTypeRequestedField.java
Spread Spectrum field SpreadSpectrumfield.html SpreadSpectrumfield.java
State Update Indicator Field StateUpdateIndicatorField.html StateUpdateIndicatorField.java
System field Systemfield.html Systemfield.java
TDL Type field TDLTypefield.html TDLTypefield.java
Transmit State field TransmitStatefield.html TransmitStatefield.java
Warhead Field WarheadField.html WarheadField.java


I. eaiDemoAUV and eaiDemoBoids Packages

The mil.navy.nps.eaiDemoAUV package includes a simple VRML application example using the still-nonstandard External Authoring Interface (EAI). Needs debugging due to revised EAI.

The mil.navy.nps.eaiDemoBoids package includes a simple VRML application example using the still-nonstandard External Authoring Interface (EAI). Needs debugging due to revised EAI.

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Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  Entity.html Entity.java
  NIU.html NIU.java
  Ownship.html Ownship.java
  World.html World.java


J. helicopter Package

The mil.navy.nps.helicopter package includes some cool VRML helicopters that can do a four-way shoot-'em-up battle. This demo continues to be upgraded by NPS.

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [Java source code]
We have developed this project into a
distributed "Capture the flag" game.
Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods



(A player's guide is needed!)

[launch Referee batch file]     PlayCaptureTheFlag complete startup batch file

<= this is a recommended demo  
Recommended control panel invocation:

C:\> java demo.helicopter.StartPanel

Entering this command in a command prompt window first launches a team selection panel, then a vehicle selection panel, then either a helo control panel or tank control panel.

StartPanel.html StartPanel.java
[launch Referee batch file]     Referee controls flags and keeps score:

C:\> java demo.helicopter.Referee

Referee.html Referee.java
Example screen snapshots:
TankHeloFire1 TankHeloFire2 TankHeloFire3
TankHeloFire4 TankHeloFire5

Fort Irwin terrain geometry, terrain texture map and metadata report

Airfield Tactical Map for mission planning

Sound effects licensed for use with dis-java-vrml from Hollywood Edge at www.hollywoodedge.com


Collision detection CollisionDetectionTerrainReader.html CollisionDetectionTerrainReader.java
Read and blue team players: start panels, control panels and action interpreters

helo control panel snapshot

tank control panel snapshot

BlueStartPanel.html BlueStartPanel.java
RedStartPanel.html RedStartPanel.java
HeloControlPanel.html HeloControlPanel.java
TankControlPanel.html TankControlPanel.java
HeloActionInterpreter.html HeloActionInterpreter.java
TankActionInterpreter.html TankActionInterpreter.java
TurretActionInterpreter.html TurretActionInterpreter.java
Agents: start panels, control panels and action interpreters


AgentHeloActionInterpreter.html AgentHeloActionInterpreter.java
AgentTankActionInterpreter.html AgentTankActionInterpreter.java
AgentHeloControlPanel.html AgentHeloControlPanel.java
AgentTankControlPanel.html AgentTankControlPanel.java

Antenna visualization: start panel, control panel, action interpreter

Network Planning Terminal (NPT) communications configuration files

Dome and other signal geometries

AntennaStartPanel.html AntennaStartPanel.java
AntennaControlPanel.html AntennaControlPanel.java
AntennaActionInterpreter.html AntennaActionInterpreter.java
NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReader.html NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReader.java
NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReaderFrame.html NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReaderFrame.java
NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReaderFrameAboutBox.html NetworkPlanningTerminalFileReaderFrameAboutBox.java
AntennaWorldFortIrwin.wrl AntennaWorldFortIrwin.x3d, AntennaWorldFortIrwin.html
DomeGreen.wrl DomeGreen.x3d, DomeGreen.html
DomeRed.wrl DomeRed.x3d, DomeRed.html
RAUAntennaPROTO.wrl RAUAntennaPROTO.x3d, RAUAntennaPROTO.html
SHFAntennaDish.wrl SHFAntennaDish.x3d, SHFAntennaDish.html
SHFAntennaPROTO.wrl SHFAntennaPROTO.x3d, SHFAntennaPROTO.html
SHFAntennaPole.wrl SHFAntennaPole.x3d, SHFAntennaPole.html
UHFAntennaDish.wrl UHFAntennaDish.x3d, UHFAntennaDish.html
UHFAntennaPROTO.wrl UHFAntennaPROTO.x3d, UHFAntennaPROTO.html
UHFAntennaPole.wrl UHFAntennaPole.x3d, UHFAntennaPole.html
Cindy Ballreich's H-Anim 1.1 compliant model Nancy
(with DIS EspduTransform EXTERNPROTO added)
HumanControlPanel.html HumanControlPanel.java
HumanActionInterpreterSingle.html HumanActionInterpreterSingle.java
HumanActionInterpreterTeam.html HumanActionInterpreterTeam.java
HumanPanel.html HumanPanel.java
TeamActionInterpreter.html TeamActionInterpreter.java
TeamPanel.html TeamPanel.java
Compass.html Compass.java


K. logger Package

The mil.navy.nps.logger package contains several useful PDU logging and playback applications. PduPlayer is a simple 2D-window example that records or sends multicast Entity State PDUs, much like a VCR player. Written by Millie Ives and David Holland of George Mason University.

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logger.html Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

Example invocations: PduPlayer.bat or

C:\> java mil.navy.nps.logger.PduPlayer

PduPlayer.html PduPlayer.java
  DefaultEditor.html DefaultEditor.java
  DNDComponentInterface.html DNDComponentInterface.java
  DNDList.html DNDList.java
  EditFrame.html EditFrame.java
  EspduEditor.html EspduEditor.java
  FFwd.html FFwd.java
  HeaderEditor.html HeaderEditor.java
  NetworkDialog.html NetworkDialog.java
  PduCellRenderer.html PduCellRenderer.java
  PduEditInterface.html PduEditInterface.java
  PduEditPanel.html PduEditPanel.java
  PduSelection.html PduSelection.java
  Play.html Play.java
  PropertiesDialog.html PropertiesDialog.java
  Record.html Record.java
  Rewind.html Rewind.java


L. math Package

The mil.navy.nps.math package contains several useful math-related classes. These may be removed in a future build if we begin to use Java3D-related math classes.

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Readme.txt Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  Matrix3f.html Matrix3f.java
  Matrix4f.html Matrix4f.java
  Quaternion.html Quaternion.java
  Vec3f.html Vec3f.java
  Vec4f.html Vec4f.java


M. relate Agent Architecture Package

The mil.navy.nps.relate agent architecture package is a class library that provides a framework for the team=play agents, coordinated as part of the Referee process and directing the various offensive/defensive helicopter/tank agent controllers.

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  Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  Action.html Action.java
  Agent.html Agent.java
  Goal.html Goal.java
  Personality.html Personality.java
  Relationship.html Relationship.java
  RelationshipManager.html RelationshipManager.java
  Role.html Role.java
  Rule.html Rule.java
  SensedEnvironment.html SensedEnvironment.java
  Sensor.html Sensor.java
  Thing.html Thing.java


N. testing Package

The mil.navy.nps.testing package collects a variety of test programs. Many of them need reverification and cleanup.

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Readme.txt Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

HelloWorld.wrl <= Test proper operation of VRML browser  
VRML-Java paper Brutzman, Don, "The Virtual Reality Modeling Language and Java," Communications of the ACM, vol. 41 no. 6, June 1998, pp. 57-64.

make examples provides two different ways of compiling this code.

ScriptNodeEventOutControl.wrl <= Test proper operation of VRML with Java
ScriptNodeFieldControl.wrl <= Test proper operation of VRML with Java


Study DIS-to-VRML coordinate system naming and rotations using virtual gimbals. This is also a helpful tool to convert between roll-elevation-azimuth and an axis-angle SFRotation value.

Here is a screen snapshot.

  PduTestListener.html PduTestListener.java
  ReceiverPduSender.html ReceiverPduSender.java
  SignalPduSender.html SignalPduSender.java
  TransmitterPduSender.html TransmitterPduSender.java
  BehaviorStreamBufferExample.html BehaviorStreamBufferExample.java
Code Benchmarking
& Performance
Benchmark.html Benchmark.java
  CollisionMonitor.html CollisionMonitor.java
  CollisionTest.html CollisionTest.java
  DatagramReader.html DatagramReader.java
  DatagramSender.html DatagramSender.java
  DatagramTestApplet.html DatagramTestApplet.java
Readme.MyFish.txt FishPduGenerator.html FishPduGenerator.java
  McastIU.html McastIU.java
  MulticastPduSender.html MulticastPduSender.java
  MulticastTest.html MulticastTest.java
  ShowProperties.html ShowProperties.java
ViewUDPTestApplet.html UDPTestApplet.html UDPTestApplet.java


O. util (Utilities) Package

The mil.navy.nps.util utilities package is a class library that provides several useful extensions to Java which are of general use (and not specific to the DIS package).

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  Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  ClassUtilities.html ClassUtilities.java
  DatagramStreamBuffer.html DatagramStreamBuffer.java
  DatagramStreamBufferNetscape.html DatagramStreamBufferNetscape.java
  SerializationInterface.html SerializationInterface.java
  UnsignedByte.html UnsignedByte.java
  UnsignedShort.html UnsignedShort.java
  UnsignedInt.html UnsignedInt.java
  UnsignedLong.html UnsignedLong.java


P. org.web3d.vrtp.net (network) Package

The org.web3d.vrtp.net network package is a class library that provides platform-independent network access.

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [Java source code]
  Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  DatagramStreamBuffer.html DatagramStreamBuffer.java
  SenderBenchmark.html SenderBenchmark.java
  SocketBenchmark.html SocketBenchmark.java


Q. org.web3d.vrtp.security ( Package

The org.web3d.vrtp.security package is a class library that provides platform-independent security permissions for network and file access.

[view text, HTML, VRML etc.] [Javadoc documentation] [Java source code]
  Package Summary

Index of all Fields & Methods

  FileAccessBadge.html FileAccessBadge.java
  NetworkCommBadge.html NetworkCommBadge.java
  PropertiesBadge.html PropertiesBadge.java
  MicrosoftSecurityStrategy.html MicrosoftSecurityStrategy.java
  NetscapeSecurityStrategy.html NetscapeSecurityStrategy.java
  PrivilegeTestApplet.html PrivilegeTestApplet.java
  SecurityStrategy.html SecurityStrategy.java
  SunSecurityStrategy.html SunSecurityStrategy.java

20 March 2002 (official NPS disclaimer)
URL: www.web3D.org/WorkingGroups/vrtp/dis-java-vrml/SoftwareReference.html
feedback: brutzman@nps.navy.mil & mcgredo@cs.nps.navy.mil