Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Protocol implementation, for standalone operation or integration with VRML scenes and entities.


Interface Summary
PduPublisher PduPublisher interface for addListener () and removeListener () methods.
PduSubscriber PduSubscriber interface for receivePDU () methods.
SerializationInterface Defines interface methods governing object serialization.

Class Summary
AcknowledgePdu Simulation management PDU to acknowledge other simulation management PDUs.
ActionRequestPdu Simulation management PDU to request an exercise action by a managed entity.
ActionResponsePdu Simulation management PDU to respond to an Action Request PDU.
AngularVelocity Angular (rotational) velocity.
ArticulationParameter Articulation parameters are components of an entity that can move - this data is appended to the EntityState PDU.
BehaviorStreamBuffer BehaviorStreamBuffer is an abstract class that defines functionality for other subclasses, including BehaviorStreamBufferNetwork and BehaviorStreamBufferFile.
BehaviorStreamBufferFile BehaviorStreamBufferFile is a class responsible for interpreting data received via a file and interpreting it as DIS PDUs.
BehaviorStreamBufferInfo BehaviorStreamBufferInfo is an object that contains configuration data about a BehaviorStreamBuffer.
BehaviorStreamBufferTCP BehaviorStreamBufferTCP is a class responsible for interpreting data received via a TCP socket and interpreting it as DIS PDUs.
BehaviorStreamBufferUDP BehaviorStreamBufferUDP is responsible for reading from the network, specifically from packet-oriented (UDP and multicast) sockets.
BurstDescriptor Weapons burst (firing) description record.
ClockTime Special clock time reporting class.
CollisionPdu Report collision between entities.
CommentPdu Comment message PDU.
CreateEntityPdu Simulation management PDU to create a new entity.
DataPdu Response to Data Query or Set Data PDU.
DataQueryPdu Simulation management PDU to request exercise data.
DatumSpecification Grouped datum information.
DetonationPdu Detonation or impact.
EntityCoordinate Entity coordinate system.
EntityDispatcher EntityDispatcher is an independent thread that connects all EsdpuTransforms to the BehaviorStreamBuffer.
EntityID Record uniquely identifying an entity.
EntityStatePdu PDU which passes all physics information for an entity.
EntityType Record providing full identification of entity type.
EulerAngle Representation of an entity's orientation.
EventID Record for event identification.
EventReportPdu Simulation management PDU to report special events.
FirePdu Weapon firing PDU (bang!).
FixedDatum Special data record subclass of PDUElement.
LinearAcceleration Linear acceleration of an entity.
LinearVelocity Linear velocity of an entity.
ModulationType Entity location in world coordinates.
NetworkStatus A utility class that is used to determine the status of the network.
PduElement Abstract (uninstantiated) class for all PDU data elements (embedded data structures).
ProtocolDataUnit Top-level abstract (uninstantiated) class for all PDUs.
RadioCommunicationsFamily Abstract (uninstantiated) parent class for RadioCommunicationsFamily.
RadioEntityType Entity Radio Type
ReceiverPdu Receiver PDU for DIS .
RemoveEntityPdu Simulation management PDU to remove an entity from the exercise.
RtpHeader This class encapsulates the header of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) when used to transfer DIS packets as a payload.
RunningAverage This Java class allows for an object that will keep N items and return the average of those items when queried.
SetDataPdu Simulation management PDU to set distributed state data.
SignalPdu Signal PDU for DIS.
SimulationManagementFamily Abstract (uninstantiated) parent class for Simulation Management PDU family.
StartResumePdu Simulation management PDU to start or resume an exercise.
StopFreezePdu Simulation management PDU to stop or freeze an exercise.
Timer This Java class provides a simple timer using the system clock converted to seconds.
TransmitterPdu Transmitter PDU for DIS .
VariableDatum Variable-length data.
WorldCoordinate Entity location in world coordinates.

Package Description

Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Protocol implementation, for standalone operation or integration with VRML scenes and entities.

Numerous direct links and additional information appear in the Software Reference.