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Current standard: IEEE 1278.1

Spread Spectrum field

Size: 16
Data Type: Enumerated
Description: This field shall indicate the spread spectrum technique or combination of spread spectrum techniques in use. The Spread Spectrum field shall consist of a 16 element boolean array. Each independent type of spread spectrum technique shall be represented by a single element of this array. If a particular spread sprectrum technique is in use, the corresponding array element shall be set to one, otherwise it shall be set to zero. All unused array elements shall be set to zero. The supported spread spectrum techniques and their assignment to elements of the 16 element array are defined in Section 9 of EBV-DOC and illustrated in Table 23:

Table 23---Spread spectrum field definition

Bit 3-15 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
TBD Time Hop Pseudo Noise Frequency Hop


Value Description
0 Frequency Hopping
1 Pseudo-noise
2 Time Hopping
3-15 TBD

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