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Current standard: IEEE 1278.1

Action ID Field

Size: 32
Data Type: Enumerated
Description: This field shall specify the particular action that is requested by the simulation manager. This field shall be represented by a32-bit enumeration (see Section 7 in EBV-DOC).


Value Description
0 Other
1 Local storage of the requested information
10 Initiate tether-lead
11 Initiate tether-follow
12 Untether
13 Initiate service station resupply
14 Initiate tailgate resupply
15 Initiate hitch lead
16 Initiate hitch follow
17 Unhitch
18 Mount
19 Dismount
2 Inform SM of event "ran out of ammunition"
20 Start DRC (Daily Readiness Check)
21 Stop DRC
22 Data Query
23 Status Request
24 Send Object State Data
25 Reconstitute
26 Lock Site Configuration
27 Unlock Site Configuration
28 Update Site Configuration
29 Query Site Configuration
3 Inform SM of event "killed in action"
30 Tethering Information
31 Mount Intent
33 Accept Subscription
34 Unsubscribe
35 Teleport entity
36 Change aggregate state
4 Inform SM of event "damage"
5 Inform SM of event "mobility disabled"
6 Inform SM of event "fire disabled"
7 Inform SM of event "ran out of fuel"
8 Recall checkpoint data
9 Recall initial parameters

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