DIS Data Dictionary - PDU Data

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Current standard: IEEE 1278.1

Function Field

Size: 8
Data Type: Enumerated
Description: This field shall specify the function for a particular emitter. Typical functions include airborne fire control, ground surveillance radar, etc. This field is intended to help receiving entities determine if the Electromagnetic Emission PDU is of interest to the systems simulated by that entity. This field shall be represented by an 8-bit enumeration (see Section 8 in EBV-DOC).


Value Description
0 Other
1 Multi-function
10 Radar Altimeter
11 Imaging
12 Motion Detection
13 Navigation
14 Weather
15 Instrumentation
16 Identification/Classification
2 Early Warning/Surveillance
3 Height Finding
4 Fire Control
5 Acquisition/Detection
6 Tracking
64 Jamming, noise
65 Jamming, deception
66 Decoy
7 Guidance/Illumination
8 Firing point/launch point location
9 Ranging
96 Weapon, non-lethal
97 Weapon, lethal

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