Interface Personality

public interface Personality

This interface implements the RELATE Personality.

Defines the minimum requirements for a Personality in the RELATE architecture. This should be a simple data structure can be modified or added to for expandability. Personality is used to influence goal selection and measurement as well as credit assignment to rules. Typically they are mathematical factors that capture key aspects of the individual in the particular situation being modeled.

Example personality traits could include the following:

  • Loyalty - An agent's propensity to reward a Rule when it was successful.
  • Persistence - An agent's propensity to penalize a Rule when it fails.
  • Tolerance - An agent's ability to reward varying degrees of accuracy.
  • Obedience - An agent's propensity to take direction from another source.
  • Independence - A agent's propensity to operate alone.

    A simulation may be designed to use the same personality for all agents, or randomly issue personalities to stress variations. Personalities may remain fixed or be allowed to change based on experience or external pressures.

    1.0, 17 Aug 00
    Michael R. Dickson, Kimberly A. Roddy