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Current standard: IEEE 1278.1

Parameter Type Attached Parts Field

Size: 32
Data Type: Enumerated
Description: This record represents one of the varients of the Parameter Type Varient, its values are used only when the Parameter Type is Attached Part (1).


Value Description
0 Nothing, Empty
1-511 Sequential IDs for model-specific stations
512-639 Fuselage Stations
640-767 Left-wing Stations
768-895 Right-wing Stations
896 M16A42 rifle
897 M249 SAW
898 M60 Machine gun
899 M203 Grenade Launcher
900 M136 AT4
901 M47 Dragon
902 AAWS-M Javelin
903 M18A1 Claymore Mine
904 MK19 Grenade Launcher
905 M2 Machine Gun
906-1023 Other attached parts

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