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CDR Harrison Schramm reported as Military Faculty at Naval Postgraduate School in the Operations Research Department in April of 2010.    His Operations Research experience includes time as an analyst on the Navy Staff in Campaign Analysis and Future Trends branches.  He was selected in 2011 for Command in the Operations Analysis Specialty Career path. 

He recently completed his Department Head tour at Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWO SIX in Norfolk Virginia.  During this tour he served as Deployed Officer-in-Charge of Detachment ONE “Desert Hawks” forward deployed in Bahrain.  At the squadron, he served as Executive Officer and Maintenance Officer as well as Officer-in-Charge of Detachment FIVE onboard USS Eisenhower.  His prior flying assignments were at HC-6, Norfolk Virginia in the H-46D and two years with HC-5, forward deployed to Andersen, AFB, Guam in the MH-60S, deploying on ships based in Apra Harbor as well as logistics within the Marianas Island Chain.  In addition to his OIC deployment, he has made three shipboard helicopter deployments onboard USNS SATURN, USS ARCTIC, and USNS CONCORD, along with numerous other underway periods on various other ships. 

CDR Schramm holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (with Merit) from the US Naval Academy and a Master of Science in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. He was awarded the Steinmetz Prize for excellence by the Electrical Engineering department of the US Naval Academy in 1996.  His personal awards include the Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Naval Helicopter Association Aircrew of the Year (Embarked) 2003, CNO SAR Model Manager Aircrew of the Year (2003).  CDR Schramm was a finalist for the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Tisdale award (2006) and Barchi Prize (2007).

He is active in INFORMS and serves on the Board of Directors of MORS.


·         Differential Equation Models of Sharp Threshold Dynamics

·         A Game Theoretic Model of Strategic Conflict in Cyberspace

·         Bury These Things with Bin Laden

·         Understanding Helicopter Navigation

·         Airships in Naval Aviation

·         Translating the Effects of Cyber-Attacks into the Tactical Environment (TRAC – MRTY Technical Report, Restricted Distribution)


Appearing in INFORMS/Analytics as The Five Minute Analyst:

·         Christmas Tree Analytics

·         Trains

·         Baggage Claim

·         Optimum Bicycle Route Selection

·         Wikipedia Protest

·         Doctor’s Office Waiting times

·         Picking airline seats

·         Budgets and brinksmanship

·         Police vs. Smartphone DUI apps


·         Analytics for Deterrence (MORS Special Meeting)

·         Operations Research Approaches to Cyber Conflict (CCW Short Course)

·         Fifty Minutes with the Five Minute Analyst (INFORMS / Analytics Conference)

·         A Game Theoretic Model of Strategic Conflict in Cyberspace (80th MORS)

·         Lanchester Models with Discontinuous Shocks: an application to Networked forces (80th MORS)

·         Deterministic Models in Excel (N81 Brown Bag Series)

·         Cyber Queues (Malware Technical Exchange Meeting)  

(Limited distribution)

·         Spreadsheet Optimization (N81 Brown Bag Series)


·         Improving Aircraft Refueling Procedures at Naval Air Station Oceana

·         Assessing Resiliency of the JP-8 Distribution System on Guam (MORS-TISDALE winner).

(Restricted Distribution)

·         Cost Estimating Relationships for the Creation of an Automated Hardening Cost Estimating Tool

(Restricted Distribution)

·         Analytically quantifying gains in the test and evaluation process through capabilities-based analysis

·         Modeling of Helicopter Pilot Misperception during Overland Navigation

·         Expertise on Cognitive Workloads and Performance During Navigation and Target Detection

·         RQ-8 Integration “Unmanning the Rails”  MSA Final report.

·         Statistical Analysis of the SKAION Network Security Dataset.



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