Alan R. Washburn

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Operations Research
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA  93943



m-files for Modified Fictitious Play See "A New Kind of Fictitious Play", NRL vol. 48 (2001)

Combat Modeling Book

Search and Detection(5ed)



Excel Spreadsheets

WetRoute.xlsb accompanies the paper "An Exact Method for Finding Shortest Routes on a Sphere, Avoiding Obstacles"

EPIMOD.xlsm accompanies the paper "A general epidemic model suitable for planning"

NetRatioGame.xlsm accompanies the paper "Ratio Game on a Network"

riffle.xlsm accompanies the paper "Card shuffling for you and me"

Lanchester.xls accompanies the notes "Lanchester Systems"

Kalman.xlsm accompanies the notes "Kalman Intro"

Firing.xls accompanies the notes "Firing Theory"

MineWar.xls accompanies the notes "Mine Warfare"

GameSolve.xls accompanies the notes "Game Theory"

CircleBarrier.xls accompanies the paper "Barrier Games"

BangSoak.xls accompanies the paper "The Bang-Soak Theory of Missile Defense"

ECollege.xlsm accompanies the paper "Blotto Politics"

IEER.xls accompanies the paper "A Multistatic Sonobuoy Theory"

MineRoad1.xls accompanies the paper "Allocation of Clearance Assets in IED Warfare"

Search.xls accompanies the textbook Search and Detection(4ed) published by INFORMS

Search5.xlsm accompanies the textbook Search and Detection(5ed) published by Create Space

DG.xls accompanies "Diffuse Gaussian Multiple-Shot Patterns"

Meetings.xls accompanies "Random Meetings at Sea"

SLS.xlsm accompanies "Shoot-Look-Shoot paper"

SofRel.xls accompanies "A Sequential Bayesian ... Software Reliability Model"

PiledSlab.xls accompanies "Piled Slab Searches"

FSA.xls a Flexible Spending Account investment tool

Zipped Applications prototype tactical decision aid for minefield clearance (DOS) the FAst THeater Model (DOS) the NetFire Spreadsheet, with dlls


Earth Coverage by Satellites (300K)

Firing Theory (1400K)

Game Theory (400K)

Kalman Introduction (500K)

Lanchester Systems (800K)

Mine Warfare (500K)