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[Giant Kelp] [Warty Sea Cucumber] [Short-spined Sea Star]

Giant Kelp  
(Macrocystis pyrifera) 
Family: Phaeophyte 


3D Kelp Model 
VRML Giant Kelp 

Images:  [Tank Placard] [Kelp] [Kelp] [Kelp] [Kelp Texture] 

Other Links: [] [Kelp Forest Ecology]

Size: to 46 m 
Square footage: 44
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Warty Sea cucumber  
(Parastichopus parvimensis) 
Family: Stichopodidae 

Sea Cucumber 

VRML 3D model 
VRML Sea Cucumber 

Images:  [Need images]

Other Links: [Catalina Conservancy Diver's Marine Identification Page] [Kelp Forest Ecology] 

Size: 25 cm 
Population: 30 
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Short-spined Sea Star  
(Pisaster brevispinus) 
Family: Asteriidae 


VRML 3D model 
VRML Starfish 

Images:  [Starfish on window] 

Other Links: [UCSC Kelp Forest Ecology] 

Size: cm 
Population: 482 
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