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Swimming Behaviors - Five basic swimming behaviors have been identified and modeled for this project.
Horn shark Hiding in rock cracks and holes.  Examples: Cabezon, Horn Shark, Swell Shark, Wolf eel. 
Kelp rockfish Hovering above rocks, next to kelp, in front of aquarium windows.  Examples: Rockfish, Perch. 
swimming fish Random swimming around tank, between kelp locales, in open areas.  Examples: Garibaldi, Leopard shark, Senorita, Sheephead. 
Pacific sardine Schooling in front of aquarium windows, around kelp.  Examples: Opaleye, Pacific sardine. 
Kelp greenling Sitting on bottom, on ledges, on rocks.  Examples: Horn Shark, Rockfish, Diamond Turbot, Greenling, Starry Flounder. 

Feeding Behaviors - Deferred as future work. 
Nocturnal Behaviors - Deferred as future work.

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