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The Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The department is without peer in integrating military applications of operations research into graduate education. 

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Operations Research Department
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Gregory K. Mislick, LtCol, USMC (RET.)

Theses Supervised


Captain Matthew Bohman, USMC: "Estimating the Cost to Increase the Resiliency of Jet Fuel Distribution Systems." NPS Masters OR Degree, June 2013. (Matt was a finalist at the MORS-Tisdale presentations.)

Lieutenant Sarah Watson, USN: "Using a Dynamic Retention Model to Analyze the Impact of Aviation Career Continuation Pay on the Retention of Naval Aviators." NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2012.

Capt Andy Burrow, USMC: "Marine Corps Light Armored Vehicle Automated Data Collection Analysis." NPS Masters OR Degree, December 2010.

David and Laura Mortimore: "Total Ship Monitoring System and Submarine Alteration Installation Cost Estimating Model." NPS MSA Degree, March 2010.

David Esarey, Lynne Krogsrud, and Cdr Gardner Rhea, USN:  "Port Security and Baseline Surveys of Key US Ports", dealing with Mine Counter-Measures for US ports, and developing a Cost Benefit Model. NPS MSA Degree, September 2009.

Cdr Michael Pietkiewicz, USN: "Optimizing SSN Depot Maintenance at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard". Goal was to raise SSN availability and reduce depot maintenance cost and time in dock. NPS MSA Degree, March 2009.


J. Sheldon Jenkins, Jarrod D. Donaldson, Colin T. Meddaugh: Co-Advisor with Dr Alan Laverson from GSBPP on "The Analysis of TRICARE Navy Obstetric Delivery Costs Within CONUS Military Treatment Facilities." NPS MBA Degree, December 2009.

LT Edward Riendeau, USN: Co-Advisor with Dr Dan Nussbaum. "A Comparative Analysis of Podded Versus Mechanically Driven Propulsion Systems." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2009.

Captain Joshua Cavan and Cdr John Larson, USN: Co-Advisor with Dr Dan Nussbaum. "Marine Corps' Operational Test and Evaluation Center's Cost Driver Process Analysis."  NPS MSA Degree, September 2008.

Rob Mitchell, Major USMC:  Co-Advisor with Dr Dan Nussbaum "Historical Review of Cost Performance Index Stability." NPS Masters OR Degree, June 2007.

Chris Cannon, Major, USMC: Co-Advisor with Dr Dan Nussbaum. "Cost Estimation of Post Production Software Support in Ground Combat Systems."  NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2007.

Paul J. Bourgeois, Lieutenant Commander, Supply Corps, USN: Co-Advisor with Dr Lawrence R. Jones from GSBPP. "Flying Hour Cost Estimating at COMNAVAIRPAC", NPS Masters Degree in Financial Management, June 2002.

Second Reader

Lieutenant Elizabeth Dunham Farrar, USN: "Treatment Effectiveness of Complex Casualty Amputee Patients." NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2013.

Ensign Sidney W. Cheek, USN: "Retention Effects of Immediate Graduate Education in the Nuclear Community." NPS Masters Systems Analysis (IGEP) Degree, June 2013.

Lieutenant Allison Hills, USN: "Life Cycle Cost Estimate of LSD(X)." NPS Masters OR Degree, June 2012.

Major Bradley Sams, USMC: "Deriving the Cost of Software Maintenance for Software Intensive Systems." NPS Masters in Information Technology Management, September 2011.

Lieutenant David A. Smith, USN: "Assessing the Success of the Army HMMWV Integrated Logistics." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2011.

Patrick J. Kelly, USN: "United States Marine Corps Performance Pricing Model." (for HQMC (I&L)). NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2009.

Steve Mount, Major USMC:  "Arming a Forward Operating Base (FOB) to Best Support the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Light-Attack Helicopter Detachment." NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2007.

Gregory Chesterton, Lieutenant Colonel, USMC: "Explanatory Factors for Marine Corps Aviation Maintenance Performance." NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2005.

Michael W. Binney, Major, USMC: "Joint Close Air Support in the Low Intensity Conflict." NPS Masters Degree, Department of National Security Affairs, June 2003.

William D. Hallahan, Major, USMC: "Validation of the United States Marine Corps Qualified Candidate Population Model." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2003.

Kennedy, Steven L., Commander, USN:"An Analysis of Alternatives for Resupplying the Sea-base." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2002.

Thomas Erlenbruch, Captain, German Army, "Agent-Based Simulation of German Peacekeeping Operations for Units up to Platoon Level." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2002.

Jacob C. Enholm, Captain, USMC: "Marine Thirty-Year Plan." NPS Masters OR Degree, March 2002.

Harold K. Gibson, Major, USMC: "An Analysis of Rotary Wing Operations in Urban Combat using the JCATS Combat Model." NPS Masters OR Degree, September 2001.


Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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