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class photo at the Oceans Fair
Here we are at the Oceans Fair.
Octane workstation - video screen shot
Jeff Leitz showing people the online exhibit.

Who are we?

Two classes of graduate students learning 3D graphics and analytic simulation at the Naval Postgraduate School. Participating individuals and their contributions are listed on the Models page.

What is the kelp forest exhibit modeling project?

We are modeling the three-dimensional (3D) shape, structure, imagery and motion behaviors of plants and animals in the kelp forest exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Who is our intended audience?

What does success look like?

Who is doing the work?

What is the motivation for this project?

Who has seen this work?

Public demonstration of this project was at the Oceans Fair:
  • Friday June 12 1998
  • Ocean Fair Technology Pavilion
  • Custom House Plaza in downtown Monterey, along with 60 other booths
  • About 1000 people stopped by to see it, and 500 (mostly young people) sat down to try it
  • Most frequent comment (even from kids): "cool!"
visitors exploring the site
The Oceans Fair was part of the National Ocean Conference held in Monterey June 11-12 1998.
There is another National Ocean Conference link on the Year of the Ocean site.

What else?

We demonstrated this small virtual world at the SIGGRAPH 98 conference in Orlando Florida July 19-24 as part of the Web 3D Roundup.

Gee, it would be nice to include a networked scuba diver feeding the fish, using technology from Web3D Consortium Working Groups. For example, it might be great to integrate Human Animation (H-ANIM) avatars with vrml-streaming dis-java-vrml multicast networking. Or something else. Adding more fish is always a good idea. Stay tuned, we'll see.

Who else helped?

We gratefully acknowledge the many people who helped us on this project. Thank you!

We gratefully acknowledge permission from the following photographers who helped contribute to the images archived on the fish page. Individual credits are provided next to the photos. Letters of permission appear in the hypermail archive. Please acknowledge these fine individuals if you use their images. All other images were collected as part of the kelp forest project.

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We also have a Help! page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). What are we missing? Please ask!

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