Public Economics

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  3. Testing Paternalism: Cash Versus In-kind Transfers
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Labor Economics

  1. Business Literacy and Development: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Mexico
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  5. Measuring Value-Added in Higher Education: Possibilities and Limitations in the Use of Administrative Data
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Health Economics

  1. When Young Soldiers Drink: The Impacts of Legal Access to Alcohol Amongst U.S. Army Soldiers
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  2. Time-varying associations of suicide with deployments, mental health conditions, and stressful life events among current and former US military personnel
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Other RCTs

  1. The Economics of Faith: Using an Apocalyptic Prophecy to Elicit Religious Beliefs in the Field
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Working Papers

  1. The Medium Term Impacts of Cash and In-kind Food Transfers on Learning
    with Ciro Avitabile and Ricardo Meilman Cohn
    July 2020
    (World Bank Working Paper WPS9086)

Published Reports

  1. Measurement and Analysis of Officer of the Deck Competency: New Findings for FY19-20
    with Vincent Salazar
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  2. Using Technology to Promote Postsecondary Success and Savings: An Evaluation of the University of Texas at Tyler PATSS Initiative
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  6. Have Assessment-Based Accountability Reforms Influenced the Career Decisions of Teachers and Principals?
    with Susanna Loeb
    Prepared as part of Title I, Part E, Section 1503 of the No Child Left Behind Act, 2007.