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Major Chad Seagren, USMC, Assistant Professor & OAD Liaison Officer

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Operations Research Department
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, California 93943

Office: GL-257
(831) 656-2686
DSN: 756-2686
Email: cwseagre <at> nps.edu



Thesis Students

Beeson, James Eric. "From Push to Pull: Barriers to Malsp Modernization." March 2013, Primary Advisor.

Jachvadze, Giorgi. "Quantitative Analysis in the Georgian Armed Forces Manpower/Personnel Policy
Decision Making Using Markov Models." March 2013, Co-Advisor.

Licari, Anthony Daniel. "Developing a Markov Model for Forecasting End Strength of Selective Marine Corps
Reserve (SMCR) Officers." March 2013, Primary Advisor.

Moreno, Miguel. "Improving Marine Corps Assignmnet of SDAP Levels." March 2013, Co-Advisor.

Ripley, Anthony Douglas. "From Push to Pull: Barriers to Malsp Modernization." March 2013, Primary Advisor

Simagias, Evangelos. "Study of an Alternative Career Path for the Deck Officers in the Hellenic Navy.", March 2013, Co-Advisor.

Vicol, Sergiu. "Forecasting supply of military officers: An application of a Markov model with military cadets in the Republic of Moldova." March 2013, Co-Advisor.

Carlton, E. “A Simulation Analysis of Work Based Navy Manpower Requirements.” September 2012, Primary Advisor.

Buhur, M. “Determinants of Retention Among Army Enlisted Personnel.” June 2012, 2nd Reader.

DeMarco, A. “Improvements to the Maintenance Portion of the F-35 Integrated Training Center Queuing Model.” June 2012, Primary Advisor.

Dono, T. “Optimized Landing of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarms.” June 2012, 2nd Reader.

Nicholson, C. “A Marikov Model for Marine Corps Acquisition Officer Force Planning.”  June 2012, Advisor.

Ozcan, S. “Casualty Profile of United States Army in Afghanistan and Iraq.” June 2012, 2nd Reader.

Erhardt, B. “Development of Markov Model for Forecasting Continuation Rates for Enlisted Prior Service and Non-Prior Service Personnel in the Selective Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR).”  June 2012, Advisor.

Futch, D. “An Analysis of the Manpower Impact of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Subsurface Platforms.” March 2012, Advisor.

Hovey, E. “Forecasting the Marine Corps' Enlisted Classification Plan:  Assessment of an Alternative Model.” March 2012, Advisor.

Michalaros, A. “An Examination of Individual Performance Using Markov Models in the Hellenic Navy's Officer-Performance Evaluation System.” March 2012, Advisor.

Sibley, C. “Analyzing Navy Officer Inventory Projection Using Data Farming.” March 2012, Co-Advisor.

Gonzalez, M. “Analysis of Promotion Rates to Lieutenant Colonel and Selection for Command for USMC Aviation Supply and Maintenance Officers.”  December 2011, Primary Advisor.

Solano, M. “Improving the Goodness-of-Fit Associated with Current and Proposed Combat Active Replacement Factors (CARF) Methodology.” December 2011, Primary Advisor.

Matar, Y. “Optimizing Marine Corps Maintenance Personnel Conversion to the Joint Strike Fighter. June 2011, Co-Advisor. 

Muratore, M., Effective Teaming of Airborne and Ground Assets for Surveillance and Interdiction.” June 2009, Second Reader.

Tamayo, W.C., “Forecasting Enlisted Attrition in the United States Marine Corps by Grade and Years of Service.” March 2011, Advisor.

Luther, C.  “Post-9/11 Field Grade Officer Requirements in the Marine Corps Reserve.” March 2011, Advisor.

Dummar, J. “Improving the Integrated Training Center Model to Improve Time to Train Estimates.” June 2011, Advisor.

Davidson, P. “Improving Joint Strike Fighter Training Resource Decisions and Plans.” September 2011, Second Reader.