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Major Chad Seagren, USMC, Assistant Professor & OAD Liaison Officer


Publications & Presentations
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Operations Research Department
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, California 93943

Office: GL-257
(831) 656-2686
DSN: 756-2686
Email: cwseagre <at> nps.edu





"Military Ethics and Moral Blame Across Agency Lines" forthcoming in the Journal of Military Ethics.

"A Replication and Analysis of Tiebout Competition Using an Agent-Based Computational Model" forthcoming Social Science Computer Review.

"Examining Social Processes with Agent-Based Models" Review of Austrian Economics  24 (1) 2011: pp. 1-17.

"Would Conscription Reduce Support for War?" Defense & Security Analysis 30 (2), 2014: 133-147 (with David Henderson).

In Review

"Agent-based Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Accident Law" revise and resubmit at Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems.


"Collective Responsibility and the Constitutional Paradigm of Military Ethics" in review Naval Institute Proceedings.

"Service in a Free Society" EconLog featured article: http://www.econlib.org/library/Columns/y2011/Seagrenservice.html.

Technical Reports

"Modeling & Simulation in Support of MALSP II: Report of Findings" USMC Operations Analysis Division Technical Report (2013).

Works in Progress

"A Macro-Ecology of Plans and the Problem of Policy" (with Richard Wagner)

"The Entangled Political Economy and the War on Terror" (with Richard Wagner)

"An Enhanced Markov Model for the U.S.M.C. Enlisted Classification Plan" (with Erik Hovey)

"Combat Logistics Decision Model for Blue Marine Fighter Attack Squadron versus Red Opposition" (with Donald Gaver and Patricia Jacobs)


An Economic Examination of the Evolution of War-Making Power in the United States." Southern Economic Association Conference, Tampa, FL (November 2013).

"Using Modeling and Simulation to Develop USMC Aviation Logistics Doctrine" Military Operations Research Society, Colorado Springs, CO, (June 2012).
"A Case Study in Modifying an Accredited and Proprietary Simulation Model: The JSF ITC Model" Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO, (June 2012).

"The Entangled Political Economy of the War on Terror" Association of Private Enterprise Education, Las Vegas, NV (April 2011).

"A Macro Ecology of Plans and the Problem of Public Policy." Southern Economic Association Conference, Washington D.C., (November 2011).

"Will the Draft Reduce Support for War?" Southern Economic Association Conference, Washington D.C., (November 2011).

"An Enhanced Class Plan Model" Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Monterey, CA (June 2011).

"Agent-Based Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Accident Law" Southern Economic Association Conference, Atlanta, GA, (November 2010).

"An Institutional Analysis of Tiebout Competition and Government Monopoly Power." Presented at Public Choice Society Conference, Monterey, CA (March 2010).

"Agent-Based Modeling and Austrian Analysis of Accident Law."  Presented at Southern Economics Association Conference, San Antonio, TX (November 2009).