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Anthony Kendall
Mail Code: IS/Kt
Department of Information Science
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-3146
Email: wakendal (at)
MS - Naval Postgraduate School, 1980
BA - Univ of Texas, 1974
  • 1999-present Lecturer
OTHER EXPERIENCE: (View an extended list)
  • 1974-2002
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Information Technology for Homeland Security Professionals (developed grad course as part of the Homeland Security curriculum) for senior government officials under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • IT for Security for developing countries
  • Electronic Business
  • Decision Support Systems and Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management technologies
  • Information sharing for Homeland Security
  • Decision Making and collaborative technologies
  • First Prize Winner and Gold Medal, US Naval Institute paper competition (Creativity), 1984
  • Kendall, T. and Hutchins, S. G., (2009). Use of a Team Collaboration Model to Identify Candidate Knowledge Management and Collaboration Technologies. In Proceedings of the 9th Bi-annual International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making. British Computer Society, London, UK. 23-26 June 2009.
  • Kendall, Tony and Housel, Thomas J. Resolving the ROI on IT Issue. 8th World Multi-conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, Florida, July 2004. (Best Session Paper and Refereed Proceedings)
  • "Creative Leader", article in CONCEPTS FOR AIR FORCE LEADERSHIP, published in Air University Press, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 200l.
  • Hutchins, S. G. & Kendall, T., “The Role of Cognition in Team Collaboration During Complex Problem Solving,” in K. L. Mosier & U. M. Fischer (Eds.) Informed by Knowledge, Psychology Press/Taylor & Francis, New York, NY, pp. 69-89, 2011.
  • Hutchins, S. G., & Kendall, T. (2010). The Role of Cognition in Team Collaboration during Complex Problem Solving. In K. L. Mosier and U. M. Fischer (Eds.), Informed by Knowledge: Expert Performance in Complex Situations. pp. 69-89. Abington, UK: Taylor and Francis.
  • Hutchins, S. G., and Kendall, T., “Analysis of Team Communications to Understand Cognitive Processes used during Team Collaboration,” International Command and Control Research & Technology Symposium, Santa Monica, CA, June 23, 2010.
  • Hutchins, S. G. and Kendall, T. (2010). Understanding Cognition in Team Collaboration through use of Communications Analysis In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting. September, San Francisco, CA.
  • Das, A. and Kendall, T. "Building a Small KM and Collaboration Portal" to appear in CHIPS Magazine, U.S. Navy.
  • Zhao, Y. Gallup, S. P. Mackinnon, D. J. and Kendall, A. “Real-Time Program Self-Awareness for Agile Acquisition of C4i Systems", GMU - AFCEA Symposium 2010, Fairfax, Virginia, 18-19 May 2010.
  • Keywords: DSS, KM on IT, Telecommunications, Electronic Business

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