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Use the form below to search the NPS faculty vitae database. The data is maintained by the Research Department, and questions about the content and presentation should be directed to the Research Office. Corrections and/or new input should be directed to Faculty Vitae Admin. To find out more about the capabilities and limitations of the new database, visit the help page.

Searches can be performed using the first name, last name, keyword(s), school and department. The search results will be the intersection of any specified fields. Any fields left blank will be ignored. Multiple words can be used in the Word(s) field. By default, the results will include any vitae that contained at least one word. If a "+" preceeds a word, only vitae that contain that word will be included.

Searches are not case sensitive, and wildcards can be used to complete words, which is particularly useful for long or difficult to spell names. The "_" (underscore) character can be used as a wildcard for a single character, and the "%" (percent) character can be used as a wildcard for any number of characters.

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Need more search power? Use the Advanced Search page.

The pages on this site are dynamic, and are created by a script. Contact Faculty Vitae Admin to report incomplete or incorrect data.
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