MA 4394

MA 4394: Topics in Network Science.

  • The objective is to develop a deep understanding of network science in order to make progress towards solving an open research problem (a project). If applicable, the project will be driven by the professor’s sponsored research. The students will learn about the ongoing research in the field by listening to conference presentations (prerecorded or in person if possible to attend conferences), and apply their new knowledge for a research project. If the research project is used towards a funded research, then (1) students visit to sponsors will be included during the quarter, if feasible or virtual conversations with sponsors are facilitated, and (2) a final presentation to the sponsor is anticipated upon the completion of the project.
  • The course format:
    • Students read materials, and attend a conference (or listen to recorded presentation from previous conferences) to get a more in depth understanding of the current research methods and problems
    • Students meet the instructor for discussion of the research student was exposed to during the conference/videos.
    • Students are presented with a selection of projects to choose from. These projects could be driven by the instructor’s sponsored research or by student’s interest. Possible sources of recent articles are the USMA’s website on workshops in network science or Barabasi’s
  • Weekly meetings: Students meet with me once a week for a couple of hours to discuss direction. This is a self-pace (or as a group) course, where I mostly provided guidance, answer questions, and enable students to discover the field or obtain a deep understanding ofa network science topic.
  • Online free textbooks: While there is no textbook for the class, the following can be used as references: Newman's SIAM article (extended to a book), Easley and Kleinberg's book,  and Barabasi's textbooks.
  • Tools support for network analysis: Python, R and Matlab, and  Gephi sample graphs (Zip)
    "Mathematics is not for spectators; in order to gain in understanding, confidence, and enthusiasm one has to participate." M.A. Armstrong