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Professor and Manager of Secure Communication program in Applied Mathematics Department, Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (GSEAS) at Naval Postgraduate School; I am also associated with the Institute of Mathematics of Romanian Academy  as a Researcher

Privileged to have won the 2021 George Boole International Prize for considerable contributions to the theory of Boolean functions!


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Consider enrolling in the Mathematics of Secure Communication (MSC) certificate program  we offer in the Applied Math Dept of NPS. Also, if you have taken all required courses, fill out this form, get it signed and submit it to the mentioned POC, to get awarded the certificate at graduation. Click the picture below to see the MSC Brochure, or look at some pictures of our graduates: Pic6 Pic5 Pic4  Pic3  Pic2 Pic1


Take a look at an MSC video on the NPS faculty server:


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Our Math Dept library hosts some very rare materials, like Edouard Lucas (1878). "Théorie des Fonctions Numériques - Simplement Périodiques", with Lucas personal signature, dedicated to R. Dedekind (the copy belonged to one of the first members of the department, W.R. Church)

I wrote a book with Thomas W. Cusick: Cryptographic Boolean Functions and  Applications, Academic Press - Elsevier, March 2009; with a second edition out in March 2017. If errors are found, we would appreciate if you could send them to either author.

(1st edition)Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780128111291   (2nd edition)


* I co-edited with Florian Luca (UNAM, now Wits) the Proc. of International Conf. on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications (Patras, Greece, July 7-11, 2008), published by Utilitas Mathematica as vol. 201 of Congressus Numerantium (2010); as well as, the proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications (Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, July 5-9, 2010), which was published by Mexican Mathematical Society (2011).

My Erdos number is 2 (Luca/Pomerance->Erdos)
My Einstein number is
3, Gauss number is 5, and Riemann number is 5

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* Math Journals available at NPS (on and off-campus)     and don't forget the Journal of Craptology (and, no, it is not a typo), one of my favorites!
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