Course materials provided by Prof. Rowe

Recent CS3310 syllabus

Lecture notes for CS3310

CS3310 notes part 1 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 2 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 3 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 4 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 5 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 6 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 7 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 8 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 9 (in PowerPoint)

CS3310 notes part 10 (in PowerPoint)

Web-page demonstrations for CS3310

Demonstration of Prolog backtracking

Demonstration proof of equivalence of two Prolog rule forms

Example rearrangement of predicate calculus to get a Prolog rule (1)

Example rearrangement of predicate calculus to get a Prolog rule (2)

Proof of equivalence for one form of embedded implication

Example of the box diagram for an inheritance inference

Demonstration of rule-cycle hybrid chaining

Demonstration of building a decision lattice

Comparison demonstration of four search methods finding routes from Monterey to San Francisco

Demonstration of A* search for firefighting

Demonstration of means-ends analysis for firefighting

Demonstration of concept learning about an apple

Example programs, mostly in Prolog

Zip file of all the example programs

Miscellaneous files

Prolog tutor program -- change its extension to .pl after you download it

Data file for Prolog tutor -- change its extension to .pl

List of 21,000 common English words (used by destemmer)

List of person names

List of place names

List of company names

List of some military abbreviations

List of some common misspellings

Synonyms list used by MARIE-4 (Prolog format)

Main lexicon used by MARIE-4 (Prolog format)

Notes on Gnu Prolog installation on a Macintosh

Basic means-ends program for HW -- change its extension to .pl

Means-ends tutoring program for HW -- change its extension to .pl

CS3030: Instructions for using the program

CS3030: Smallcomp program -- change its extension to .py

Demo program 1 for smallcomp

Input for demo program 1 for smallcomp

Demo program 2 for smallcomp

Input for demo program 2 for smallcomp

Program to calculate byte distribution of a file

A* search program in Python (change its extension to .py before using)

The housekeeping definitions for Python

Slides for CS4677

Data for CS4677 2018 HW2

Mystery files


Sample of log files from the RDC corpus

Talk on NPS CS

Talk on drive associations

Talk on empirical digital forensics

Talk on three machine-learning projects

Python program to flag unnecessary wording (deadwood) in text files