Hooper Group


Our research focuses on energetic materials and high strain-rate deformation of solids. We pursue both experimental and computational work in our group, ranging from high-velocity impact testing to atomistic scale simulations.



Joe Hooper, Assistant Professor of Physics

Office: Spanagel 110

Email: jphooper@nps.edu

Phone: (831) 656-2601

Department of Physics

833 Dyer Way, Bldg 232, Room 102B

Monterey, CA 93943

Group photo, November 2015

Student Thesis Opportunities:

Updated Nov. 2015. Students interested in the above or in other topics related to conventional weapons are encouraged to email jphooper@nps.edu or stop by Spanagel 110.

Metalloid clusters for energetic materials:

We are using atomistic scale simulations to understand the stability and reactivity of metal and metalloid clusters for next-generation propellants and explosives. Thesis projects include simulations at a range of scales, from DFT and genetic algorithm development up to coarse-grained Monte Carlo techniques.

Reactive materials:

We are currently studying brittle metal composites that are typically inert but can combust under rapid loading or dynamic fracture. Many thesis projects available on studying the high-rate mechanical response of these reactive materials, as well as theoretical modeling of their lethality.