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Jeffrey A. Appleget

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Office: GL-293

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Department of Operations Research

Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943



Refereed Publications

Salmeron, J., and J. Appleget. Reshaping the U.S. Army: Brigade Combat Team Optimization. To appear in Military Operations Research.

Appleget, J., Burks, R., and M. Jaye. A demonstration of ABM validation techniques by applying docking to the Epstein civil violence model. J Defense Model Simul (published on-line 18 Dec 2013).

Appleget, J., Blais, C., and M. Jaye. Best practices for US Department of Defense model validation: lessons learned from irregular warfare models. J Defense Model Simul 2013; 10: 395–410.

Nannini, C., Appleget, J., and A. Hernandez. Game for Peace: progressive education in peace operations. J Defense Model Simul 2013; 10: 283-296.

Appleget, J., and W. Fox. Student Misconceptions Using Newton's Method for Nonlinear Optimization, PRIMUS, Vol. XI No 1, March 2001, pp. 53-66.

Appleget, J., and W. Fox. Some Fun With Newton's Method, Computers in Education Journal, Vol. X No 4, October-December 2000, pp. 38-43.

Appleget, J., and R. K. Wood. "Explicit-Constraint Branching for Solving Mixed-Integer Programs, Computing Tools for Modeling, Optimization and Simulation, ed. Laguna and Gonzalez-Velarde, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000, pp. 245-261.

Appleget, J. The Combat Simulation of Desert Storm with Applications for Contingency Operations. Naval Research Logistics, 1995, Vol. 42, pp. 691-713.  [Also published in Warfare Modeling, ed. Bracken, Kress, and Rosenthal, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1995, pp. 549-571.]

Other Publications

Appleget, J. (2013). "Wargaming and Combat Modeling for Analysis," 10th Forum on Military Operations Research & Modeling & Simulation, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, September.

Fricker, R.D., Jr., Kulzy, W.W., and J.A. Appleget (2012). From Data to Information: Using Factor Analysis with Survey Data, Phalanx, 45:4, 30-34.

Brown, R., Appleget, J., Perkins, T., Blais, C., and D. Duong (2010). Developing Best Practices for Validation of Irregular Warfare Models, Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW).

Appleget, J., and M. Kirkland (2003). Transforming the Army with Simulation-Based Acquisition, Phalanx, 36:3, 13-14, 29-30.
Appleget, J. (2003). Measures of Effectiveness for the US Army Future Combat System (FCS) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), in the proceedings of the 20th International Society of Military Operations Research (ISMOR), August 2003.

Appleget, J. and J. Illingworth (2001). Simulation-Based Acquisition of Software for the Dismounted Land Warrior Soldier. Paper #01E-SIW-012, European Simulation Interoperability Workshop - System Acquisition & Product Development Forum, June.

Appleget, J. and J. Illingworth (2001). Land Warrior Training Initiative,  SimTecT 2001 Conference Proceedings, May, pp. 319-323.

Appleget, J. and S. Horton (1998). Applications of Network Flows, Military Mathematical Modeling, ed. D. C. Arney, Department of Mathematical Sciences, USMA, pp. 141-149.

Appleget, J. (1997). Knapsack Cuts and Explicit-Constraint Branching for Solving Integer Programs, Ph.D. Dissertation, Naval Postgraduate School, June 1997.

Appleget, J. (1990). A Captain's Guide to Training Lieutenants, Field Artillery, June 1990.

Technical Reports

Deveans, T., Lechtenberg-Kasten, S., Buttrey, S. Fricker, R. Appleget, J. and W. Kulzy (2012). Africa Knowledge, Data Source, and Analytic Effort (KDAE) Exploration, TRAC-M-TR-12-037, TRADOC Analysis Center, 20 August.

Appleget, J., Blais, C., Brown, R., Jaye, M. and E. Weisel (2011). Irregular Warfare (IW) Data Quality Best Practices Guide, TRADOC Analysis Center, 29 December.

Appleget, J., Blais, C., Burks, R., Brown, R., Duong, D., Jaye, M., Perkins, T. and M. Thompson (2011). Irregular Warfare (IW) Model Validation Best Practices Guide, TRADOC Analysis Center, 11 November.

Appleget, J. and M. Coville (2005). Future Combat Systems Analysis of Alternatives Update EXSUM, TRAC-TR-05-17, TRADOC Analysis Center, 26 May.

Appleget, J. and M. Coville (2004). Future Combat Systems Analysis of Alternatives Update EXSUM, TRAC-TR-05-02, TRADOC Analysis Center, 15 October.

Appleget, J (1991). Combat Modeling and the AirLand Battle--Past, Present, and Future, CAA-RP-91-1, US Army Concepts Analysis Agency, June.


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