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David Canright
Associate Professor of Mathematics


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  • Research Interests

    • Cryptography
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Materials Processing
    • Fractal Geometry
    • Orbital Mechanics

    Current Teaching Schedule (Spring 2008, AY08Q2)

    • MA3042 - Linear Algebra (4-0) [see: BlackBoard course site]
    • MA4593 - Topics in Algebra (3-0)
    Here are some Instructions for Getting Started with BlackBoard.

    See my teaching schedule (PDF format, or EPS format).

    Also see the quarter calendar (PDF format, or EPS format), an 11-week calendar for course planning purposes. This is available for other quarters as well, in either PDF or EPS format:

    (Note: The EPS format is plain ASCII text and can be edited, e.g. with NotePad. Several parameters can easily be modified this way, like making it 12 weeks long or 7 days wide. Read the EPS file for more info.)

    See also my Personal Home Page (not a Navy site) for other materials, including some educational software and publications on the mathematics of musical harmony.


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