Constructing an XSLT Editor using Xeena

  1. Install Java and Xeena.

    Directions available on the README-X3D-Edit page.

  2. Obtain the DTD.

    The XSLT DTD can be found as an annex in the XSLT recommendation. The XSLT 1.1 Working Draft (12 December 2000) was used since that tagset is extremely similar to XSLT 1.0 Recommendation (16 November 1999).

    It was necessary to cut & paste the text from Appendix D, DTD Fragment for XSLT Stylesheets (Non-Normative) into a new file.

    Result: XSLT1.1.dtd

  3. Configure Xeena Profile for this DTD.

    The command to configure Xeena for this DTD is as follows:

       cd c:\ibm\xeena
       xeena -cfg -dtd XSLT1.1.dtd

    Note that this produces a special Xeena editor allowing customization of the profile. In effect, Xeena itself is used to configure Xeena. This is a good example of the self-reinforcing power of using XML documents with XML tools.

    Profile changes:

    1. Match the locally created DTD (which does not have a unique name) and the specified XSLT namespace:

         <defaults encoding="UTF-8"
            pubidLiteral="" systemLiteral="XSLT1.1.dtd"/>
    2. Initial testing gave the following error in a blank default scene:

         Error:  Untitled.xml [xsl:stylesheet]: 
            attribute 'version' is required, you should enter a value.

      Considered and rejected. Modifying the DTD to hardcode a value would break the #REQUIRED status of the <xsl:stylesheet> element's version attribute.

      Fix: after referring to XSLT recommendation section 2.2, Stylesheet Element, used ProfileEditor to add a tooltip for <xsl:stylesheet> as follows:

      	 Hint:  version=1.0 for 1999 Recommendation, version=1.1 for 2001 Working Draft.

  4. Run Xeena Editor for this DTD.

    The command to run Xeena as an XSL editor for this DTD is as follows:

       cd c:\ibm\xeena
       xeena -dtd XSLT1.1.dtd -root xsl:stylesheet

    This command launches the new Xeena XSLT 1.1 Document Editor.

  5. Build batch files to run Xeena Editor for this DTD.

    The preceding commands to run Xeena as a profile editor and an XSL editor are generalized as batch files:

  6. Next steps.

Author: Don Brutzman,
Updated: 29 July 2001