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Wayne P. Hughes, Jr.


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Significant Other Papers

Hughes . . . "A Trichotomy of American Learning," 1 January 2016

Book Reviews

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Significant Unpublished Papers

Hughes, Wayne P. Jr. “Too Many Words,” essay, 1 January 2007

Hughes, W.P., Jr., Combat Science:  An Organizing Study, book-length study; publication by Institute for Joint Warfare Analysis anticipated in 1997.

Hughes, W.P., Jr., "Yoda's Thanksgiving," essay, January 1, 1997.

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Hughes, W.P., Jr., "Justice for Junk," essay, January 1, 1989.

Hughes, W.P., Jr., "A World Safe for War," essay, January 1, 1988.

Report to the Provost, USNPS:  "A Plan for an On-Campus Center for Tactical Analysis," October 1986.

Hughes, W.P., Jr., "Japan's Sempai," essay, January 1, 1986.

Hughes, W.P., Jr., "On 'Shooting an Elephant'," essay, January 1, 1985.

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