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The Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The department is without peer in integrating military applications of operations research into graduate education. 

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Operations Research Department
Naval Postgraduate School
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Wayne P. Hughes, Jr.

OTHER ACTIVITIES--Study Participation

Peacetime Engagement and Crisis Response, CINCUSNAVEUR, March 1998. Staff Study author.

Project Paradigm, by ESL-TRW, October 1988 to March 1989. Served as consultant, author, and tactical analyst.

The Falkland War Game, by U.S. Army Concepts Analysis Agency, April to June 1986. Study Director.

NATO Defense of Shipping Study, The Steady State, SACLANT HQ, August 1974. Served as Acting Director, Deputy Director, and Director of Analysis during the course of the study.

Analysis of SACLANT Force Proposals, SACLANT HQ, Norfolk, July 1971. Study Director and Presenter to the NATO Standing Military Committee and Defence Planning Committee, Brussels.

Comparison of Nuclear and Conventional ASW Weapons, Resource Management Corporation, August 1968. Effectively Study Director.

Major Fleet Escort Study, by OPNAV, 1967. Served as Chief ASW analyst and author-editor of the ASW section.

Cyclops Study, by OPNAV, 1963. Served as staff analyst in June and July 1963.


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