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Steven B. Hall
Research Professor
Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation Institute
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-1073
Email: sbhall (at)
Ph.D. - UC Irvine, 1983
Cognitive Science
  • 2011 Naval Postgraduate School (Research Professor)
    • Research and education relating to the efficacy of modeling social behavior as a generative or emergent characteristic of multiple single-agent behaviors that are contextually influenced by the social networks in which they are embedded.
    • Recent studies include: The impact of the wide-spread adoption of social media on social stability; the impact of military operations on social identity processes; and the impact of collective capacity building on collective resiliency.
  • Leadership Experience: Multiple years of research team management supported by formal education in management strategies and group facilitation
  • Other Education:
    • Automated Reasoning Tool (ART) training, Inference Corporation, 1985.
    • Knowledge Engineering Environment (KEE) training, 1986.
    • Autonomous Agents (CS322), Stanford University (SITN), 1989.
    • Object Oriented Programming from M&S Perspective (CS 249), Stanford U, 1995.
    • ILOG Solver and Scheduler, ILOG Educational Services, 1997.
    • Management Strategies Program, Carnegie Mellon University, Sept 8-13, 2002.
    • Santa Fe Institute's Complexity Science Summer School, June 2008
    • Certified K&F Group Facilitator and Instructor Training, 2011
  • 1985 - 11 Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center (Prin. Scientist)
    • Principal Investigator and technical lead of an advanced technology group responsible for the effectiveness analysis of proposed system-of-system solutions to complex adaptive challenges.
    • This work made use of advanced non-linear analysis techniques incorporating: GIS systems; Advanced (service-oriented) Modeling and Simulation techniques; embedded OR/AI optimization techniques and substantiated Social, Cognitive & Complexity Science theory. Three notable multi-years projects were:
      • C4ISR Architecture Evaluation: Delivered a theory supported and data driven agent-based modeling and simulation environment supporting the design and analysis of proposed innovative C4ISR architectures.
      • Urban Swarms: Delivered an environment for designing and evaluating decentralized 'swarming' architectures for next generation micro/nano platforms operating in the urban indoor and/or outdoor environment.
      • Mine Search System: Developed the autonomous mission control software (and operator interface) for underwater vehicle(s) engineered to find and map the location of underwater mines.
  • 1984 - 85 Abacus Programming Corp (Knowledge/Language Engineer)
    • Designed and led the development of an expert system that interpreted 'unanticipated events' generated by the Space Shuttle software system. The system included a natural language interface based on semantic parsing techniques. Implemented in LISP/ART.
  • 1982 - 84 Cognitive Assessment & Rehabilitation Systems (Principal)
    • Designed and implemented an expert system to diagnose deficiencies in human problem solving capability. The system identified the probable source of the deficiency and then designed/delivered a customized rehabilitation program.
  • 1975 - 82 University of California Irvine (Teaching Assistant)
    • Taught and assisted in the deliver of courses in Cognitive Science, Natural Language Processing and Research Methodologies.
  • MV4657: (Modeling and Simulation of Societies in Conflict) and associated student thesis/dissertation advising.
  • Understanding the sources of social stability and insurrection; MOOTW; non-linear 'emergent' behavior; M&S of complex systems.
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • Hall, Steven B., “A Multi-Agent System Dynamics Modeling Framework supporting Stability Operations Effectiveness Analysis”, AORS 2014
  • Hall, Steven B., Baird, Ryan G. “Modeling the Influence of Information Flow on Social Stability” In proceeding of: Midwest Political Science Association, April 2013
  • Palin, P., Hall, S., Lewis, T., Baldwin, C., “Deterrence and the United States Coast Guard: enhancing current practice with performance measures”, DHS Publication UDI#181, 2012
  • Bernard Zeigler, James Nutaro, Chungman Seo, Steven Hall, Pamela Clark, Michael Rilee, Sidney Bailin, Thomas Speller, Walter Powell, “Frontier modeling support environment: flexibility to adapt to diverse stakeholders”, Proceedings of the 2012 Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium; 03/2012
  • P.E. Clark, B. Yatt, M.L. Rilee, S.A. Curtis, S.A. Bailin, W. Truszkowski, B. Zeigler, J. Nutaro, A. Powell, S. Hall, J. Reynolds, T. Speller, P. Costa, R. Mamaniya, Frontier: Intelligent Decision Engine for Stable Adaptable Complex Systems”, Conference: AIAA SPACE 2012 Conference & Exposition
  • Bernard Zeigler, Steven B. Hall. “Requirements for Standards Based Dynamic Interoperation of Critical Infrastructure Models“, Grand Challengers in Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis for Homeland Security (MSAHS-2010), Arlington, VA., 2010
  • Hall, Steven B., “Evolving Defensive Strategies against Dynamic Self Organizing Adversaries”, Human Behavior-Computational Intelligence Modeling Conference 2009
  • Hall, Steven B., “Deployment Optimization of Multiple Cooperative Engagement HELs using DEST”, DEPS 2009
  • Wu, J., Hu, B., Zhang, Y. Spence, C. Hall, S., Carley K., An Agent-based Simulation Study for Exploring Organizational Adaptation”, SIMULATION 2009 85:397
  • Barr, S., Hall S. Jones, B.J, Spence, C., Streeter, R., Wu, J. “Exploring a Model of Organizational Adaptability” SFI CSSS 2008 Final Report

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