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Jonathan Phillips
Research Professor
Department of Physics
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 505-577-6584
Email: jphillip (at)
PhD - U. Wisconsin-Madison, 1981
Materials Science
MS - U. Wisconsin-Madison, 1977
Materials Science
BA - Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, 1976
  • 10/2010-present - Research Professor, Dept. of Physics, Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA 93943
  • 4/1999-10/2010 - Distinguished National Lab Professor, University of New Mexico
  • 4/1999-10/2010 - Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
  • 7/1996-1/1999 - Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 10/1997-4/1998 - Fulbright Research Fellowship, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel
  • 6/1998-7/1998 - Visiting Scientist
  • 6/1995-8/1995 - Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 6/1994-7/1994 - Los Alamos, NM
  • 9/1990-6/1991 - Visiting Scientist (Poste Rouge), Centre National Research Scientifique, Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  • 7/1988-6/1996 - Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 9/1982-6/1988 - Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 9/1981-8/1982 - Post-Doctoral Position, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel
  • Funding:
    • At present funding entirely from Materials Foundry, Greenwich CT/Albuquerque, NM.
    • Recent funding primarily through LANL projects: Advanced Nucelar Fuels (LDRD-DR), Fuel Cell program, but some funding from NASA (Advanced Carbon Structures for Space Applications) and DTRA (Blast Resistant Fiber Reinforced Structures) through UNM collaborations.
  • Awards:
    • R&D 100 Award 2004
    • Nano 50 Award 2005
    • Fulbright Fellow, Israel 1997
    • Poste-Rouge (France) 1990
  • Other Activities:
    • Ten issued patents
    • Seven licensed patents
    • Sixteen patents pending
    • Advisor to 10 completed PhD students
    • Advisor to 19 completed MS students
    • Advisor to 9 Post-Doctoral students
    • Taught nine distinct courses in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering
    • Reviewer (last three years) for Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Carbon, Journal of Applied Catalysis, Catalysis Today, Review of Scientific Instruments, Applied Physics Letters, Physics Essays, Wessex Institute
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • Atwater, M.A., J. Phillips, S.K. Doorn, C.C. Luhrs, Y. F. Diez, J. A. Menéndez, Z. C. Leseman. 2009. ‘The Production of Carbon Nanofibers and Thin Films on Palladium Catalysts from Ethylene Oxygen Mixtures’, Carbon 47, 2269-2280.
  • Phillips, J., G. Jarvinen, S. Pattillo, J. Valdez, ‘Preparation of Nuclear Fuel Composition and Recycling’ US Patent application 20100301288.
  • Devlin, D.,G. Jarvinen, B. Patterson, S. Pattillo, J. Valdez and J. Phillips. 2009. ‘New Generation Nuclear Fuel Structures: Dense Particles in a Selectively Soluble Matrix’, J. Nucl. Mat. 394, 190-196.
  • Phillips, J., C. C. Luhrs, M. Richard, 2009.‘Engineering Particles Using the Aerosol-Through-Plasma Method’, IEEE Transactions on Plasmas 37, 726-739.
  • Soliman, H., J. Phillips, C. Luhrs, H. Zea and Z. Leseman. 2010. ‘Aerosol Synthesis of Nano and Micron-Scale Zero Valent Metal Particles from Oxide Precursors’, Proc. Of ASME 2010, IMECE2010-39075.
  • Atwater, M.A., J. Phillips and Z. C. Leseman. 2010. "Formation of Carbon Nanofibers and Thin Films Catalyzed By Palladium in Ethylene-Hydrogen Mixtures", J. Phys. Chem. 114, 5804-5810.
  • Atwater, M.A., J. Phillips and Z. Leseman. 2010. ‘The Effect of Powder Sintering on the Palladium-Catalyzed Growth of Carbon Nanofibers from Ethylene-Oxygen Mixtures’, Carbon 48, 1932-1938.
  • Luhrs, C.C., J. Phillips, M. Richard, K. Stamm. 2009. ‘Material With Core-Shell Structure-2’, US Patent Application 20090317719.
  • AlHaik, M., C.C. Luhrs, M. M. R. Taha, A. K. Roy, L. Dai, J. Phillips, and S.K. Doorn. 2010. ‘Hybrid Carbon Fibers/Carbon Nanotubes Structures for Next Generation Polymeric Composites’, J. of Nanotechnology 860178.
  • Phillips, J. 2010.‘Required Field Structure of Extended Three Dimensional Charged Particles’, Phys. Essays 23, 4.
  • Zea, H., C.C. Luhrs and J. Phillips. 2011.‘Reductive/Expansion Synthesis of Zero Valent Sub-Micron and Nano Metal Particles’, J. Mat. Res. 26, 672
  • Atwater,M.A. J. Phillips and Z. Leseman. 2011 ‘Accelerated growth of carbon nanofibers using physical mixtures and alloys of Pd and Co in an ethylene-hydrogen environment’ Carbon 49, 1058.

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