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Aruna Apte
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-7583
Email: auapte (at)
MA - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA,
PhD - Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX,
Operations Research
  • 6/2012-Present, Associate Professor of Operations and Logistics Management
  • 6/2005-5/2012, Assistant Professor of Operations and Logistics Management
  • Summer-Fall 2004, Visiting Lecturer, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
  • Invited to join Humanitarian Assistance Research Thoughtleaders (HART), a relatively small group of top researchers in this field in defining the research agenda (setting priorities), engaging in exchanges and complementary research projects, and developing easily accessible pedagogical materials.
  • Invited to join the INFORMS Speaker Program that facilitates access to excellent speakers who are experts in some aspect of operations research and the management sciences.
  • Invited to join Senior Leaders Seminar by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, organized by San Francisco Fleet Week Association's Board of Directors. This seminar provides an opportunity for all levels of government and the private sector to engage with and discuss the role of Armed Forces in the San Francisco Bay Area in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.
  • Invited to serve on an ad hoc workgroup led by members of Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (COTPER) of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to review the current process used by the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
  • Founding President and President, College of Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management, Production and Operations Management (POM) Society, 2010 -2013
  • 1999 - 2005 Lecturer, Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University
  • 2000 - 2002 Consultant, MCI/WorldCom Corporation
  • Fall 1998 Visiting Professor, Helsinki School of Economics and Business, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1997 - 1998 Visiting Assistant Professor, Cox School of Business
  • Mathematical Modeling, Operations Management, Humanitarian Logistics
  • Developing mathematical models and algorithms for complex real world operational problems, specifically in Humanitarian Logistics
  • Military Logistics
  • Richard W. Hamming Teaching Award winner in recognition of exceptional teaching, 2015
  • Nominated as one of the selected papers for the Best Paper Award, 2013, Application of Theory, IDSI-APDSI Best Paper, "Planning Disaster Relief Logistics for an Island Earthquake"
  • Second Place Best paper Award, 2012, Defense Acquisition Review Journal for paper titled "Managing Lifecycle Information of Aircraft Engine Components"
  • First Place Award Winner, W. Gregor Macfarlan Excellence in Contract Management Research and Writing Program, 2010, National Contract Management Association (NCMA) for paper titled, "Contracting for the Services in the U.S. Army: Empirical Study of the Current Management Practices"
  • Liskin Faculty Award, 2009, GSBPP, NPS
  • Patent: N. Venugopal and A. Apte, "SONET Ring Designer Tool", Patent # 7929426, received April 19, 2011.
  • Selected for Young Researchers Roundtable, 2007, by INFORMS (Institute of Operations Research and Management Science Society) for the Conference in OR Practice, Vancouver
  • Selected as Emerging Scholar, 2007, by POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) at the Annual Conference, Dallas
  • Selected for the Inaugural class of "AgKnowledge" with Scholarship, 2007, by Organization offering Educational Programs to community leaders, policy makers, media and business executives, Monterey County
  • Outstanding Teaching in the BBA Program, 2005, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, SMU
  • Gold Medal in Mathematics, Secondary School Certificate Examination, Mumbai, India.
  • A. Apte, J. Khawam, E, Regnier, and J. Simon "Complexity and Self-Sustainment in Disaster Response Supply Chains", Special Issue of Decision Sciences, accepted and forthcoming, 2014
  • K. Yoho and A. Apte, "Strategies for Logistics in Case of a Natural Disaster", International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management, accepted and forthcoming, 2014
  • A. Apte, C. Heidtke, and J. Salmeron "Casualty Collection Points Optimization: A Study for the District of Columbia", Interfaces, accepted and forthcoming, 2014
  • A. Apte, S. Heath, A. Pico, and R. Tan "Evacuating Mobility-Challenged People in a Short-Notice Disaster", Decision Sciences Journal, accepted and forthcoming, 2014
  • S. K. Heath, A. Apte, A. Pico and Y. H. Ronny Tan, "Ant Colony Optimization and Parameter Selection for Evacuating the Mobility-Challenged in a Short-Notice Disaster", Journal of Applied Operational Research, Volume 06 Number 02, June 2014, Forthcoming
  • A. Apte, K. Yoho, C. Greenfield and C. Ingram, "Selecting Maritime Disaster Response Capabilities", Journal of Supply Chain Management, Volume 06 Number 02, July-December 2013, pp 40-58
  • G. Ferrer and A. Apte, "Managing Lifecycle Information of Aircraft Engine Components", Defense Acquisition Review Journal, 62, April 2012.(Second Place Best paper Award)
  • R. Rendon, U. Apte, and A. Apte, "Services Contracting in the DoD: A Comparison of the Army, Navy, and Air Force", Defense Acquisition Research Journal, 61, January 2012.
  • A. Apte, R. Rendon, and J. Salmeron, "An Optimization Approach to Strategic Sourcing: A Case Study of the United States Air Force", Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 17(3), 2011, pp. 222-230.
  • A. Apte, U. Apte, and R. Rendon, "Services Supply Chain in the United States Navy: An Empirical Study of the Current Management Practices", Journal of Public Procurement, 4(11), December 2011, pp. 538-562.
  • Keywords: Humanitarian Logistics, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research and Management

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