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D. Scott Davis
Associate Professor
Mail Code: PH/Dv
Department of Physics
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831 656-2877
Email: sdavis (at)
PhD - Purdue, 1976
MS - Purdue, 1971
BS - Penn State, 1969
  • Faculty member since 1989
  • 1977 - 2000 - 7 1/2 years as faculty member of NPS 9 years as member of research faculty at Univ of Arizona 3/4 year on research staff at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech 1/2 year as visiting scientist at l'Observatoire de Paris 2 years as postdoc at Univ of Arizona 1 1/2 years as thesis research fellow at Argonne National Laboratory 4 years on teaching staff at Purdue Univ
  • All types of pure and applied physics courses, electronics, astrophysics
  • Applied atomic, molecular, optical (AMO) physics, infrared astrophysics
  • NPS Award for Outstanding Contributions to Instruction, 1991 NASA Group Achievement Award, 1987 Van Biesbroeck Award in Astrophysics, 1979 Thesis Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory, 1975-1976 David Ross Research Fellow, 1973-1975
  • Awards Committee of Optical Society of America (past member)
  • Davis, D. S., Larson, H. P., Williams, M., Michel, G., and Connes, P.: Infrared Fourier Spectrometer for Airborne and Ground-based Observations, Applied Optics, v. 19, p. 4138 (1980).
  • Davis, D. S., Larson, H. P., and Hofmann, R.: H2 Spectroscopy as an Agent for Extinction Determinations: the Near-infrared Curve for the Orion Molecular Cloud, Astrophysical Journal, v. 304, p. 481 (1986).
  • Mumma, M. J., Weaver, H. A., Larson, H. P., Davis, D. S. and Williams, M.: Detection of Water Vapor in Halley's Comet, Science, v. 232, p. 1523 (1986).
  • Davis, D. S. and Walters, D. L.: A Polarization-encoded Two Beam Interferometer for Optical Turbulence Measurements along Low-elevation Atmospheric Paths, Optical Society of America Technical Digest, v. 23, p. 221 (1992).
  • Davis, D. S.: Multiplexed Imaging by Means of Optically- generated Kronecker Products: 1. The Basic Concept, Applied Optics, v. 34, p. 1170 (1995).
  • Keywords: Optical, Infrared, Millimeter-wave, Instrumentation Multi-spectral Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Ultraviolet imaging spectroscopy

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