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Wendell A. Nuss
Professor and Chair
Mail Code: MR/Nu
Department of Meteorology
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-2308
Email: nuss (at)
PhD - University of Washington, 1986
Atmospheric Science
MS - University of Washington, 1983
Atmospheric Science
BS - University of Colorado, 1978
Mathematics and Physics
  • 2006-present: Professor, Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1994-2006: Associate Professor, Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1988-1994: Assistant Professor, Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1988-1988: Adjunct Teaching Professor, Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1987 - 1987 - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ocean Research Institute, Tokyo University
  • 1986 - 1987 - Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1983 - 1986 - Graduate Research Assistant, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • 1979 - 1979 - Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
  • Tropospheric and Stratospheric Meteorology
  • Operational Weather Prediction
  • Advanced Topics in Extratropical Cyclogenesis
  • Mesoscale Meteorology
  • Coastal Meteorology
  • Extratropical Marine Cyclogenesis
  • Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Mesoscale Predictability
  • Coastal Meteorology and Forecasting
  • American Meteorological Society
  • Meteorological Society of Japan
  • Associate Editor for Monthly Weather Review, 2001
  • Member of National Science Foundation Coastal Ocean Processes (COOP) Scientific Steering Committee, 1999-2002
  • Chairman of the Bay Area Mesonet Initiative, beginning 1998
  • Chief Scientist for Office of Naval Research Coastal Meteorology Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Jan. 1994-1998
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) research fellow at the Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo 1987
  • NCAR Advanced Study Program graduate research fellow 1983-1985
  • Nuss, W.A. and D.K. Miller, 2001: Mesoscale predictability under various synoptic regimes. Nonlinear Proc. in Geophys., (accepted)
  • Nuss, W.A., J.M. Bane, W. Thompson, C.E. Dorman, F.M. Ralph, R. Rotunno, J. Klemp, W. Skamarock, R. Samelson, A. Rogerson, C. Reason, and P. Jackson 2000: Coastally trapped wind reversals: Progress toward understanding. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., 81, 719-743.
  • Ralph, F. M., L. Armi, J.M. Bane, C. Dorman, W.D. Neff, P.J. Neiman, W.A. Nuss and P.O.G. Persson, 1998: Observations and analysis of 10-11 June 1994 Coastally-trapped disturbance. Mon. Wea. Rev., 126, 2435-2465.
  • Nuss, W.A. and D.W. Titley, 1994: Use of Multiquadric interpolation for meteorological objective analysis. Mon. Wea. Rev., 122, 1612-1631.
  • Nuss, W.A. 1989: Air-sea interaction influences on the structure and intensification of an idealized marine cyclone. Mon. Wea. Rev., 117, 351-369.
  • Complete List of Publications
  • Keywords: Tropospheric and Stratospheric Meteorology, Operational Weather Prediction, , Advanced Topics in Extratropical Cyclogenesis, Mesoscale Meteorology, Coastal Meteorology

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