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Mark J. Eitelberg
Professor of Public Policy
Mail Code: GB/Eb
Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-3160
Email: meitelberg (at)
PhD - New York Univ, 1979
Public Administration
MPA - New York Univ, 1973
AB - Franklin and Marshall College, 1970
  • 2007-2008, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • 1999-Present, Professor of Public Policy
  • 1999-2004, Director, Center for Recruiting Innovation
  • 2005-Present, NPS Institutional Review Board
  • 1989-1999 Associate Professor of Public Administration and Associate Chair for Research, Department of Systems Management
  • 1982-1989 Adjunct Research Professor of Public Administration
  • 1990-1993 Academic Associate, Manpower, Personnel, and Training Analysis Curriculum
  • 1982-Present, Research Project Director for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Army, and other government agencies (more than 40 projects)
  • 1997-1999 Faculty, Leadership Education and Development Program, US Naval Academy and Naval Postgraduate School
  • 1997-2000 Faculty, Center for Civil-Military Relations, Faculty Team Leader, Russia Seminar (Moscow, 1998)
  • 1983-1990, 1999-2008, Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (research contracts totaling several million dollars)
  • 2004-2005 Committee on the Youth Population and Military Recruitment: Physical, Medical, and Mental Health Standards, National Research Council of the National Academies
  • 2001-2002 Visiting Research Collaborator, Office of Population Research, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
  • 1990-2001 US Department of Defense Representative, The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP)
  • 1997-2000 Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences
  • 2000-2005 Consultant, Campbell-Ewald (Co-creator of US Navy’s “Life Accelerator”)
  • 1980-1982 Associated Staff, Foreign Policy Studies Program, Brookings Institution
  • 1975-1982 Senior Scientist, Human Resources Research Organization
  • 1970-1976 Staff Sergeant, US Army Reserve and NJ Army National Guard
  • Military Manpower/Personnel Policy Analysis
  • Military Sociology/Psychology
  • Defense-Focused Research Methods
  • Thesis Advisor (300 Master’s theses and MBA projects)
  • Population Participation ("Representation") in the Military
  • The All-Volunteer Force: History and Prospects
  • Military Force Management and Manpower Policy
  • Military Manpower Selection, Classification, and Utilization
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management
  • Military Sociology
  • Military Psychology
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Robert M. Yerkes Award (for career achievement and notable contributions to military psychology by a non-psychologist), Division 19 (Military Psychology), American Psychological Association, 2000
  • Dictionary of International Biography, 1997
  • Who's Who in the West, 1996-1997
  • Outstanding Researcher of the Year, Human Resources Research Organization, 1982
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense Certificate of Appreciation (for "valuable contributions to military manpower research”), 1982
  • Board of Editors, Armed Forces and Society, 2001-Present
  • Board of Editors, Military Psychology, 2001-2005
  • Editor, Armed Forces and Society, 1998-2001 (Founded in 1974 and published quarterly. The official journal of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society.)
  • Elected Member of Governing Council and Fellow, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, 2000-Present. (Founder and former chair of the Pacific Coast Chapter.)
  • University of California Blue Ribbon Commission, 2005-2006
  • Board of Directors, Toro Little League and Toro Pony League, Corral de Tierra/Salinas, California, 1997-2001
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • Sackett, P. R., Eitelberg, M. J., & Sellman, W. S. Profiles of American Youth: Generational Changes in Cognitive Skills., Alexandria, VA: Human Resources Research Organization, 2010.
  • Committee on the Youth Population and Military Recruitment, National Research Council, Assessing Fitness for Military Enlistment: Physical, Medical, and Mental Health Standards. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2006.
  • Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance, National Research Council, The Changing Nature of Work: Implications for Occupational Analysis. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1999.
  • Eitelberg, M. J. & Mehay, S. L., eds. Marching Toward the 21st Century: Military Manpower and Recruiting. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994.
  • Binkin, M., & Eitelberg, M. J. Blacks and the Military. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, 1982.
  • Keywords: Military Manpower, Policy Analysis

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