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Kevin D. Jones
Research Associate Professor
Mail Code: MAE/Jo
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-7711
Email: jones (at)
PhD - University of Colorado, Boulder, 1993
Aerospace Engineering Sciences (detail)
MS - University of Colorado, Boulder, 1990
Aerospace Engineering Sciences
BS - University of Colorado, Boulder, 1988
Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Served as a Research faculty member since 1997, working on a variety of steady and unsteady aerodynamics problems, including the development of flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs).
  • Served as an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Research included unsteady aerodynamics and aeroelastic computations.
  • Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) software for aerospace applications.
  • Developed web-based aerospace applications like the Online Panel Code and the Online Transonic Small Disturbance Flow Solver.
  • 8/92 - 5/93 - Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • 9/91 - 3/92 - Member, Graduate Seminar, Institute of Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, DLR, Göttingen, Germany. Performed research under Senior Scientist Dr. Sobieczky. Attended and presented at the Theoretical Fluid Mechanics seminar series.
  • 8/88 - 8/92 - Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • HSCT Mission Analysis of Waverider Designs. Developed a new inverse method for generating high-speed aerodynamic flows from general shock shapes and applied the method to waverider design. Performed mission analysis of HSCT candidate topologies.
  • A Contribution to Hypersonic Design Aerodynamics. Developed the transfinite interpolation grid generator HYGRID and an algebraic solution-based grid adaptation scheme. Modified and employed the F3D flow solver for Euler and Navier-Stokes simulations of sharp-edged hypersonic configurations. Applied Chimera for the analysis of multiple component configurations.
  • My research interest is primarily in the area of aerodynamic design and systems integration, in particular for miniaturized systems. Most of my work has been in computational and experimental aerodynamics and software generation, including numerical investigations of unsteady flows, aeroelasticity, turbomachinery and full aircraft systems.
  • I developed a novel radio controlled flapping-wing propelled Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) weighing a mere 10 grams and not much larger than the palm of your hand. The flapping-wing project has been shown on CNN, KSBW, KION, the front page of the Monterey County Herald and several radio control modeling magazines.
  • More recently I have been in charge of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) system integration, as well as payload design and systems integration for airborne payloads used in the STAN/TNT experiments.
  • Outstanding Research Achievement Award, Naval Postgraduate School, 1999
  • National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1994, 1995 and 1996
  • Young Participant Bursary, 12th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Oxford University, England, 1990
  • Senior Member, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • K.D. Jones and M.F. Platzer, "Flapping-Wing Propelled Micro Air Vehicles," Chapter 11, Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Springer, 2013
  • "Design and Development Considerations for Biologically-Inspired Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicles," Jones, K.D. and Platzer, M.F., Experiments in Fluids - Animal Locomotion: Aerodynamics of Flying, Eds. Rockwell, D. and Tropea, C., Springer, 2010
  • Jones, K.D. and Platzer, M.F., "On the Potential of Two Dimensional Propellers and Turbines for Aircraft Propulsion and Renewable Energy Production," Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal, Vol. 17, No. 4, 2009, pp. 283-291
  • K., Andersson, K., Jones, V., Dobrokhodov, I.I., Kaminer, "Thermal Highs and Pitfall Lows. Notes on the Journey to the First Cooperative Autonomous Soaring Flight," 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Maui, Hawaii, December 10-13, 2012
  • K.D. Jones, V. Dobrokhodov, I. Kaminer, T. Chung, M.R. Clement, M. Kolsch, and R. Zaborowski, "Cooperative Autonomy For The Masses - Fundamental Steps Toward Enabling Complex Multi-Asset Missions With Simple Point-And-Click Tasking," AUVSI's Unmanned Systems North America Conference and Exhibit, Washington DC, August 16-19th, 2011
  • Keywords: CFD, computational fluids dynamics, computer, computing, aerospace, aeronautics, aerodynamics, unsteady, GUI, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, SQL, database, aeroelastic, propulsion, flapping-wing, flutter, engineering, micro unmanned air vehicles, MAV
  • DOD Key Technologies:
    • 1 - Aerospace Propulsion and Power
    • 2a - Air Vehicles
    • 8 - Computing and Software
    • 19 - Modeling and Simulation
    • Other - Micro Unmanned Air Vehicles

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