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Brij Agrawal
Distinguished Professor
Mail Code: MAE/Ag
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering &
Space Systems Academic Group
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831-656-3338
Email: agrawal (at)
PhD - Syracuse University, 1970
Mechanical Engineering
MS - McMaster University, 1968
Mechanical Engineering
ME - Roorke IIT, 1966
Mechanical Engineering (Hons.)
BS - Banares University, 1964
Mechanical Engineering (Hons.)
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  • 1989 - Present
    • Distinguished Professor and Associate Chairman, Dept. of Mechanical and Astronautical Engineering
    • Director, Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security and Spacecraft Research and Design Center
    • Member, Space Systems Academic Group
  • 1989-Present - Consultant
    • Provided consultancy in spacecraft system engineering to INTELSAT, Space Systems/Loral, COMSAT, ASTRC, DESKIN, New Skies, and CTEK
    • Developed following courses and presented at Space Systems/Loral: Satellite Design Process, Satellite Design Practice, Satellite Design Project, Introduction to Attitude Dynamics and Control, Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control Design, and Spacecraft Structures.
    • Member of two teams on optical beam control for a classified spacecraft program for imaging.
  • 1979-1989 - International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
    • Performed research and served as Project Manager on several research programs, including Dynamic Effects of Liquid on Spacecraft Attitude Control, Attitude Control of Flexible three-axis-stabilized Spacecraft, Damping of Flexible Appendages, Energy-Sink Method, Composite Material Analysis, Design Verification of Large Spacecraft, Acoustic response of Spacecraft, and Deployable Off-Set Reflector Antenna.
    • Did pioneering work in the prediction of liquid slosh modes for spinning spacecraft and applied to INTELSAT VI design. Internationally recognized for this work.
    • Provided solution for INTELSAT V F-1 solar array anomaly.
    • Wrote first book on spacecraft design "Design of Geosynchronous Spacecraft" that has been widely used in universities, MIT, Stanford University etc, and space Industry
    • Responsible for the feasibility study of INTELSAT VI and INTELSAT VII satellites.
    • Responsible for the specification, proposal evaluation and negotiation of INTELSAT VI spacecraft bus.
    • Participated in the development of INTELSAT VI and INTELSAT VII satellites.
  • 1969-1979 - Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) Spacecraft R&D Laboratory
    • Developed notched sinusoidal testing and applied to INTELSAT IV satellite
    • Performed research in the area of spacecraft attitude dynamics, structural dynamics, structural dynamics, and spacecraft testing.
    • Participated in the development of INTELSAT IV, IV-A, COMSTAR, INTELSAT V, and MARISAT satellites.
    • 1975-77, on assignment from COMSAT worked at the European Space and Technology Center on Aerosat Program in the development of specifications, proposal evaluation, and contract negotiation.
  • Part-time Appointments:
    • Consulting Professor, Stanford University, 1992, Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland, 1987-89, Adjunct Professor, George Washington University, 1986-1987
  • Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing of Military Spacecraft, Spacecraft Design, Smart Structures, Spacecraft Attitude Control, Spacecraft Design and Testing
  • Acquisition, tracking and pointing of flexible spacecraft with optical payloads
  • High Energy Laser beam control
  • Active vibration control, isolation and suppression
  • Adaptive optics and optical beam jitter control
  • Advanced control and wavefront sensor techniques
  • INTELSAT award for Inventiveness and Technological Contribution-1990
  • NPS top performance Award-1990
  • NPS Outstanding Teaching Award-1993, 1994, and 2000
  • NPS Outstanding Research Award-1992 and 1997
  • AIAA The Lockheed Graduate Team Space design Competition Award- 1993 and 1994
  • Distinguished Professor Award 2002
  • Richard W. Hamming Award for Interdisciplinary Achievements-2007
  • Fellow AIAA, 2009
  • Navy Superior Service Award, 2012
  • Patent:
    • Attitude Pointing Error Correction System and Methods for Geosynchronous Satellites, US patent No. 4,911,385, March 27, 1990 (with P. Madon)
    • Active Feedforward Disturbance Control System, US patent No. 8,019,090 B1, Sep. 13, 2011. (with Sugathevan)
  • Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland, since 1978
  • Associate Editor, AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
  • Member of IAF Technical Committee
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • Books:
    • "Design of Geosynchronous Spacecraft," Prentice-Hall, May 1986
    • Invited Chapter entitled "Geosynchronous Spacecraft," in the Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, Academic Press, April 1987
    • A book entitled "Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control" is under preparation, to be published by Prentice-Hall
  • Technical Papers:
    • T. Sands, J.J. Kim, and B. Agrawal, "Nonredundant Single-Gimbaled Control Moment Gyroscopes",AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 35, No. 2 March-April 2012 pp 578-587.
    • J. J. Kim, M. Nagashima, and B. N. Agrawal, "Optical Beam Jitter Control for NPS HEL Beam Control Testbed," 14th Annual Directed Energy Symposium, 14-18 November, 2011 , San Diego 11-Symp-080.
    • R. Jay, K. Irgens, J. J. Kim, and B. N. Agrawal, "Strapdown Inertial Reference Unit for NPS Beam Control Testbed," 14th Annual Directed Energy Symposium, 14-18 November, 2011 , San Diego , 11-Symp-199.
    • M. S. Corley, F. Santiago, T. Martinez, and B. N. Agrawal, "Horizontal propagation deep turbulence test bed," 14th Annual Directed Energy Symposium, 14-18 November, 2011 , San Diego 11-Symp-078.
    • Yingling, A. and Agrawal B. "Applications of Active Optics in Large Space Mirrors", Proceedings 62nd International Astronautical Congress, IAC-11-C2.5.1, Cape Town, South Africa, 3-7 October 2011.
  • Keywords: Smart Structures, Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Control, Vibration Isolation, Space Manipulators, Spacecraft Design, Relay Mirror Spacecraft, Adaptive Optics, High Energy Laser beam control, Jitter Control, Wavefront Sensor Techniques

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