"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei

ANGEL (Airline Networks Generation Emphasizing Layers)

Description: Generating synthetic models for air transportation networks that closely matches the properties of air carrier networks from the European Air Transportation Network.

Link to the project, data and code. The figure below is from De Domenico et al

Understanding Dark Multilayered Networks

Description: Understanding dark multilayered networks thorugh communitiy detection and community identification from partial information.

Link to the project.

Lighting Up Networks Through Inference

Description: Visualization of inferences of the structure of an unknown network through sequential monitor placement.

Link to the project, the Inference algorithms used and Introduction and Explanations of the visualization.  

Graph Theory, Favorite Conjectures and Open Problems

Description: This series of books is a collection of chapters on conjectures written by invited senior researchers in Graph Theory.


Arab Spring analysis of the Internet at the IP layer

Description: A temporal analysis of Internet IPs in Egypt (from CAIDA's data) before, during and after the Egyptian Revolution.   The Gephi file for this analysis is here.

Network creator and visualizer

Description: Import or create networks, and screen data to analyze it.

Link: /dl/dataVis/editor.html

Thread visualization of

Description: Explorations of Political Debates and Polls data based on thread, with author and keyword search capabilities.

Link: /dl/dataVis/index.html