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Ravi Vaidyanathan

Assistant Professor

Systems Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School

Ravi in Peru



News and Publicity

We have been fortunate to have our research highlighted in articles and publicity releases by several non-academic news groups including New Scientist, BBC, Inc. Magazine, The Monterey County Herald, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and on specials produced by The Discovery Channel, The BBC, and Tokyo Broadcasting Systems. 


A few links to news articles related to our research are presented here, with a more complete list of our public press coverage following at the bottom of the page.


News article: An article (and accompanying video) from in New Scientist Magazine relating to our human-machine interface research, published in print Dec 4, 2010


Television Documentary: View a 10 min excerpt from a BBC’s Inside Out, featuring research in robots for assisted living at the Bristol Robotics Lab, including our tongue-based human machine interface system and hand rehabilitation exoskeleton, aired Nov 23, 2010.


News article: An article from Physics Org, featuring our work on multi-modal locomotion modelling, published Nov 19, 2010


News article: An article from, IP Watchdog ( an intellectual property magazine), on intellectual property issues related to my Ph.D. Dissertation (An Insect-Inspired Orientation Reflex for Autonomous Air Vehicles), published May 21, 2010.


Television Documentary: View a 6 min. excerpt from the special Military Machines: Warbots produced by the Discovery Channel (20 meg mp4 file – if you have trouble with video or audio, the package Video Lan (free download) will play this type of movie clip), aired January 27, 2006


News article: An article featured in the Monterey Bay Herald about homeland security research at the Naval Postgraduate School highlighting our Morphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle, in press January 20, 2006


Press release: A press release from the company Think-A-Move, Ltd. with respect to our collaboration winning the “Best Paper” award at the 2004 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, dated August 18, 2005


News article:  An article featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about our biologically inspired flight control system, in press April 2, 2003


Summary of Major Media Coverage of Research (news, television specials, etc.)      

·        “Tongue clicks to control wheelchairs”, New Scientist (magazine), Assistive technology an prosthetic limb control research published Dec 4, 2010, pg 24

·        “Seabird's morphing wings inspire design for robots that can both fly and swim”, Physics Org (on-line science news), locomotion modelling research featured in article published Nov 19, 2010

·        “Assisted Living”, BBC Inside out (television programme), medical/rehabilitation robotics research featured by BBC, broadcasted Nov 8, 2010

·        “Obviousness is Matter of Foresight Not Hindsight”, IP Watchdog (Intellectual Property Magazine), intellectual property aspects of biologically inspired controls research featured in article published May 21, 2010

·        “Morphing machine has ability to fly and crawl”, Flight International (magazine), Micro-robotics research in featured in Issue 173, Number 5135, April 22-28, 2008

·        “A bird?  A plane?  Or a cockroach?”, Defence Management (magazine), Bio-inspired robotics research featured in article published April 17, 2008, 

·        “Sound Move”, The Engineer (magazine), physiological audio signal recognition/rehabilitation research featured in Issue 297, Number 7740, Jan 29-Feb 08, 2008

·        “IEEE Members in the News: Innovators in Health Care – The Tongue Steered Wheelchair”, The Institute (IEEE) (magazine), human-machine interface research highlighted in feature story, Oct 5, 2007

·        “Tongue movements allow quadriplegics to control computers”, Physics Org (on-line science news), assistive technology featured in article published August 2, 2007

·        “Steering with A Slip of the Tongue”, Hindustan Times (newspaper), human-machine interface research featured in (India) national newspaper article, July 13, 2007

·        “Earplug Provides Steer-by-Tongue Control”, New Scientist Magazine (magazine), Science news feature on human-machine interface research published in Issue 2611, pg 23, July 7, 2007.  Portions of article subsequently carried and published by: the Times of India, Associated Content Media, Yahoo News, UK Lifestyle Extra, and many others

·        “Sunday Morning”, Tokyo Broadcasting Systems (television station) Robotics research featured on New Year’s television special broadcast nationally (in Japan) Jan 1, 2007

·        “Military Machines: Warbots”, Military Channel (television station), Robotics research featured on television special (produced by Discovery Channel) broadcast internationally (USA programme) Jan 2006, subsequently rebroadcast several times

·        “True Value: Lean, Mean NPS Programs Offer Maximum Bang for the Buck”, Monterey County Herald (newspaper), Robotics research featured on (front page) of newspaper article, issue released Monterey, CA, USA, Jan 30, 2006.

·        “Roach Inspired Technology”, Cleveland Plain Dealer (newspaper), Biologically-inspired control research featured in newspaper, issue released in Cleveland, OH, USA, April 3, 2003




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