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Ravi Vaidyanathan

Assistant Professor

Systems Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School

Director, Biologically Inspired Systems Laboratory


Ravi rafting with two students

(I'm in the back of the raft)

Research & Academic Interests

·         Neuromechanical Systems

·         Biologically-Inspired Control

·         Collective Intelligence (Complex Systems)

·         Human-Machine Interface

·         Robotics and Flexible Automation

·         Humanistic Behavioral Modeling

Contact Information

Ravi Vaidyanathan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Systems Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School

777 Dyer Road, Rm 217

Monterey, CA, 93943-5139

Ph: (831) 656-2960, fax: (831) 656-3129

e-mail: rvaidyan@nps.edu

NPS Biologically Inspired Systems Lab, Field Testing of the Morphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle (MMALV)

June 2006 (Camp Roberts, CA)

Pictured (from Left): Richard Bachman (BioRobots, LLC), Ens. Steve Schall (USN), Capt. Josh Kiihne (USMC), Maj. James Pluta (USMC), Capt. Bert N. Rakdham (USMC), Dr. Ravi Vaidyanathan (NPS)


Ravi Vaidyanathan