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Mikhail Auguston

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Naval Postgraduate School
1411 Cunningham Rd., Glasgow Hall East, Room GE-330
Monterey, CA 93943-5201, USA

Phone: 1-831-656-2607
Fax:   1-831-656-2814

Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense

Research Projects     

    •    Behavior Models for Systems and Software Architecture.
                   Publications and links

    •    Automated test generation for reactive and real time systems based on environment models and event grammars.
Powerpoint presentation for Hewlett Packard Research Day, outlining the approach based on event grammars (ppt file)

    •    Debugging Automation, Assertion Languages.
Here is a link to the Algorithmic and Automatic Debugging Home Page maintained by Clinton Jeffery at University of Idaho

    •    Security Models for Static Analysis and Verification of Information Systems
                   Publications and other materials
                   The static analyzer has been developed based on the Alloy Analyzer modeling tool

    •    Programming Language Design and Implementation.
Compiler writing language RIGAL.
                                RIGAL Home Page is maintained at the University of Linkoping, Sweden.

    •    Experimental Visual Programming Language V.

Professional Affiliations

    •    Association for Computing Machinery
    ◦    Special Interest Group on Programming Languages
    ◦    Special Interest Group on Software Engineering

Courses Taught

Seminars for Software Engineering Ph.D. Program resident and DL students:

    •    SW4935 “Software Engineering Dissertation Proposal Preparation”
    •    SW4936 “Seminar on Solving Software Engineering Research Problems”,

I am a course coordinator for

    •    CS3113 “Introduction to Compiler Writing”
    •    SW4500 “Introduction to Formal Methods in Software Engineering”