Timothy E. Levin

 Research Associate Professor


phone: (831) 656-2239
fax: (831) 656-3339
e-mail: levin at nps edu
CISR: http://cisr.nps.edu


My primary research interests are in the areas of dynamic, adaptive security policies, high assurance and multilevel secure computing systems, and the application of formal methods to the construction of secure computing systems, including the demonstration of correspondence between the various representations of a system (viz., those that are at different abstract levels).


I have worked on the design, development and formal verification of high-assurance  computer systems for 25 years, which has provided to me the relatively rare opportunities to play a major role in: (1) developing a formal computer-security policy model (as well as covert channel analysis and other formal artifacts) that has been rigorously evaluated by the NSA, (2) formally verifying the security properties of a commercially-fielded product; and (3) defining a security requirements profile for high assurance separation kernels that has been nationally reviewed, and accepted as a standard by the U.S.Government.    
My professional record as a Research Associate Professor includes course development, teaching, and practical experience (as above), including scholarly publications, research papers presented at professional meetings (see Publications, listed below), and research collaboration with NPS faculty and other researchers in  information assurance and computer security such as Terry Benzel, USC ISI; Blaine Burnham, University of Nebraska; Alessandro Coglio, Kestrel Institute; Rance DeLong, University of Santa Clara; Ryan Kastner, UCSD; Ruby Lee, Princeton University; Roger Schell, Aesec, Tim Sherwood, UCSB; Howard Jay Siegel, Colorado State; and Clark Weissman, Northrop Grumman Corp.
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I work within the Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research (CISR).  My current research projects are: 3Dsec: Trustworthy System Security through 3-D Integrated Hardware; TCX - Trusted Computing Exemplar; Security Domain Model; MYSEA - Monterey Security Architectures; Global Information Grid Security Support; and High Assurance Platforms.

Past CISR Projects include:
SecureCoreRCsec - Adaptive Security and Separation in Reconfigurable Hardware; Emergency Response for Cyber Infrastructure Management; UDP and Collaboration Services; Avionic Authentication Project; QoSS - Quality of Security Service; MSHN - The Management System for Heterogeneous Networks; High Assurance MLS LAN - Multi-Level Secure Local Area Network.


My publications are listed here.


The students that I have advised are listed here.


I developed the Advanced Topics in Computer Security class (NPS course CS4614), and taught it from 2001 through 2007.


I like to hike, play music (guitar), and make digital pictures.     

                                If you have questions or comments please contact me at the email address above.  -Tim


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