Dr. David C. Jenn
Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
PhD, University of Southern California

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Faculty Director of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering's Microwave & Antenna Laboratory

Short courses are available on demand in the areas of

  • Radar Cross Section and Stealth Technology
  • Radar Systems
  • Antennas and Propagation

Much of the material here, including the software, is also available at www.dcjenn.com (a non-US government web site).  For a short curriculum vitae see here.

book coverAuthor of the book:

Radar and Laser Cross Section Engineering (Second Edition)

(Third Edition coming in late 2018)

AIAA Education Series, 1995 (first edition), 2005 (second edition)

(Call 1-800-682-AIAA for information)



Errata sheet for the first edition in PDF format is here.

Errata sheet for the second edition in PDF format is here (updated 6/2018).

Free Matlab software! (Zipped files using WinZip)

  • 2D phased array antenna pattern calculations, ARRAY2D (version 2.5) 

                            With GUI (for PCs)

                            Without GUI (for any platform, but does not conform to Matlab case sensitivity requirements)

  • Radar detection range and jamming calculations, RADJAM(2.2.1).
  • Bistatic radar system analysis program Bidarsa (Version 1.2 with GUI)
  • Radar cross section calculations using the physical optics approximation, POFACETS

With GUI (version 4.4.1 for Matlab 6.5 or higher on a PC)

  •  added utilities (plot surface normals and circularly polarized RCS patterns)

  •  bugs fixed in function "facetRCS.m"

  •  improved stereolithographic (*.stl) file format import and export

  •  if you have GUI problems with Matlab 7 try running with the display in the 16 bit mode

  •  more target models included

Without GUI (version 2.2 for any Matlab platform, but does not conform to Matlab case sensitivity requirements)

With GUI-to-without GUI file format translators (translators are bundled with the GUI version)

software guis

Electronic Warfare Program

592 Curriculum

Course Materials (as of 2013 all course materials have been moved to Sakai)

Some Ongoing Thesis Topics

  • Wirelessly networked digital antennas
  • General study of antenna performance on unmanned air vehicles (UAVs)
  • Specular radar absorbing material (RAM) design
  • Radar cross section (RCS) code development
  • Phased array mutual coupling compensation techniques
  • Array antenna software development
  • Microwave powered micro-air vehicle (MAVs)
  • Antennas for land mine detection radars
  • Direction finding (DF) antenna development
  • Radar cross section of tunnel and cave openings
  • Urban and indoor propagation study for wireless and UAV applications
  • Random arrays for bistatic hitchhiker radars

    Descriptions of some of the topics are available in PDF format here.

Research Areas

  • Micro-Air Vehicles (MAVs) Powered by Microwaves Transmitted From a Ground Station

CNN interview on wireless power transmission

  • Digital Antennas Using Commercially Available Wireless Base Station Chips

Digital antenna array

  • Modeling And Simulation of Aerodynamic Radomes

HARM radome testing

  • Urban Propagation and Calculation of Building Wall Losses

building wall loss measurement

  • Direction Finding Arrays

direction finding array

  • Radar Cross Section Analysis and Prediction

RCS model of F-18

  • Radar System Simulation and Imaging

stepped frequency radar image

  • Urban and Indoor Propagation Modeling

NYC simulation model and signal contours

  • Digital Receive Tracking Array

Digital tracking array in the NPS anechoic chamber