Spring 2007 Protocol eXchange

The spring session of the NSA sponsored Protocol eXchange was held at the Arlington, VA facilities of SRI, May 7, 2007. Many thanks to Carolyn Talcott for setting up the arrangements for the meeting.


May 2007 Meeting of the Protocol eXchange
0900-0910 Welcome
0910-1005 "Reimplementing the Cryptographic Protocol Shape Analyzer: Varying the Message Algebra" Joshua Guttman (MITRE)
1005-1100 "An Evaluation Methodology for Protocol Analysis Systems" Chris W. Hoffmeister (US Navy)
1100-1110 Break
1110-1205 "Diffie-Hellman Cryptographic Reasoning in the Maude-NRL Protocol Analyzer" Santiago Escobarr (Universidad Politecnica de Velencia)
1205-1320 Lunch
1320-1415 "Collaborative Planning with Privacy" Paul Rowe (University of Pennsylvania)
1415-1510 "First Steps in Integrating Maude-NPA with CPSA" Cathy Meadows (NRL)
1510-1530 Wrap-up

George W. Dinolt
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