Discontinuous Galerkin Coastal Ocean Model (DGCOM)


The Discontinuous Galerkin Coastal Ocean Model, or DGCOM, is a two-dimensional shallow water model for simulating coastal ocean processes. DGCOM uses triangle-based discontinuous Galerkin methods to achieve both high-order accuracy and geometric flexibility in that any unstructured and adaptive grid generator can be coupled with DGCOM. In addition, DGCOM uses mass conserving wetting and drying algorithms to allow it to model wave run-up to dry land due to tsunamis or storm-surges. DGCOM has been fully automated to build 1) bathymetry maps and coastline date from NOAA databases, 2) construct triangular grids that adhere to the unstructured nature of the coastline, and 3) apply a priori mesh adaptivity in order to generate smaller triangles in regions of steep bathymetry and larger triangles in regions of smooth bathymetry.

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