Maritime Information Exchange Model (MIEM)

The US and its allies consider excellent situation awareness about the maritime domain vital to national security. The arena of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) focuses primarily on tracking vessels, people, and cargo as they move through waterways and transit facilities such as ports and particular businesses. While many different systems, belonging to many different agencies, participate in collecting and assessing observations about these entities, there has not been an agreed way to model and describe this information so collaborators could exchange, understand and incrementally improve it. The MIEM provides just such a model. The MIEM is a conceptual model manifest in an XML schema that prescribes how to describe and represent dynamic maritime situations, to express degree of belief and lines of evidence, and to build up comprehensive case files that both machines and humans can understand. The MIEM has been accepted as the authoritative MDA model throughout the Federal Government, being adopted both by the Navy and DHS as part of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). The MIEM grew out of the work on Rich Semantic Track (RST).

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