CS4202 (Graphics/Intro to VRML)

Final Project Details

Files Authored by LT Ben McNeal


The majority of my efforts this quarter have been focused on graphically depicting and simulating the components of the Combat System Curriculum's Robot Wars. All of the components that I have worked on may be seen in the file "Botworld.wrl". This file contains a simulated floor on which two robots battle. The robot depicted on the floor actually performs a real script. The world also contains, along the back wall, three displays which are the basic components of any Combat Systems Robot. These three components are the standard gun, the beacon and the actual robot.


Click here to load and view the Combat Systems Robot World.


The three components listed above may been viewed separately by clicking on the files listed below. Each of the components are somewhat interactive. The beacon continuously flashes during the entirety of its viewing. The standard gun, when clicked, fires a round of ammunition while making an exploding sound. Finally, the robot spins when it is touched with the pointing device. While within the Combat Systems Robot World, the camera viewing angles may be used to get a close-up for interacting with each of the displays. While viewing a close-up of the displays, double-clicking on either of them takes the viewer to another world which displays that component individually.


Click here to load and view the beacon.

Click here to load and view the standard gun.

Click here to load and view the Combat Systems Robot.


Each of the preceding object files have level of details (LOD). They may need to be brought in close for maximum viewing and interactive effectiveness.

All other VRML files and textures used in building this world may be found in the following directory, "http://web.nps.navy.mil/~wbmcneal/CS4202".

Any questions or comments on these VRML files may be directed to me through e-mail at wbmcneal@nps.navy.mil.