Final Project Details

The biggest part of the world is the schooling fish. I changed it to Script Node code so it could be easily inserted into any world. It is in the laboratory. Go to the Aquarium-Lab view first then walk forward and the LOD will begin to display the fish at about 2 meters. It takes the room a while to load so be patient.

Click to load the room.

Click to load just the fishtank.

The following is the code for the flocking algorithm. The rest of the stuff is just easy VRML.



Things to notice:

The flocking world is scaled to .01 on all axis but the viewpoints still work fine.
The Boid view in the aquarium is very cool, try it out.

LOD of the Fish watch the animated tail.

Take a look at the different versions of the fish I tried by clicking on the different fish.

This is all very computationally intensive. I have a P90 and it is SLOOOOOW.

Things that won't work:

For some reason the only one instance of the fish school will work at once.

So if you reload it does not move the fish the second time.

You have to exit Netscape and restart.