User's Guide DisPlayer Version 1
I.  Requirements:

    A.  Hardware:

    Since this software is a Java application.  You can run it on virtually any hardware platform.  I have tested the software for the following platforms:  SGI O2, SUN ULTRA, PC - Pentium 200Mhz.

    B.  Software:

    In order to run this application you need to have the Java installed on your machine:

        JDK - Java Development Kit  version 1.1.5.  Try this link  JAVA Products
        NOTE:  The newest version of JDK is version 1.1.6.  I have not yet tested this application using JDK 1.1.6.
        If you want to be able to record packets originating from outside of your subnet.  Your machine must also be able to accept IP multicast packets.  Here are some good links for informatin on joining the MBONE  the MBONE faq and  Dan's Quick and Dirty Guide to Getting Connected to the MBONE .

       You can run the program without MBONE connectivity.  But, you can only send multicast packets inside your local subnet.

        You will also need an DIS-Java-VRML application along with a VRML browser.  Download the distribution file from  NPS DIS-Java-VRML Distribution Page .  This page has good instructions on the installation of the distribution file.  It also has a link to some VRML browsers.  You will be using the EspduSender and EspduReadTransformTraceExample.wrl to test this recorder.

II.  Instructions

    A.  Setup

        First create a subdirectory.  Place the file in that subdirectory.  Unzip the file.  This will create two subdirectories -- ver1 and ver2 along with the documentation files.

    B.  Starting the Application

        To start the application go to the following subdirectory


        Enter "java DisPlayer1"

       You will get the following user interface.

    C.  Recording Dis Packets

        One way to create the DIS packets to record is to use the EspduSender applet from the Naval Post Graduate school.  You can launch this applet from the web browser.  You can also launch it from the command line.  To launch the applet from the command line type

c:\dis-java-vrml\mil\navy\nps\Awt\java AwtEspduSender

        Make the following changes.

        Next, in the filename field type the name of the file (ie record1.dis).   Next, type in the number minutes you want to record.  If you want to record until you press the stop button, type in "0".
        Start the AwtEspduSender applet by pressing the "Start" button for that applet.

        Lastly, press the "RECORD" button on the DisPlayer application.

        To stop the recording press the "STOP" button on the DisPlayer application.  Also press the "Stop" button on the AwtEspduSender applet.

        If you want to see the movement based on the DIS packets being sent, launch the Naval Post Grad School's EspduReadTransformTraceExample.wrl from the browser.  You will see the AUV vehicle move around the Monterey bay.


    D.  Playing the DIS Packets

        To play audio.  aunch the Naval Post Grad School's EspduReadTransformTraceExample.wrl from the browser.

        Choose the "File" menu.  Then, choose "Open".  You will get a chance to pick the file you want to play.

        Next fill in the following fields:  IP address, port number and TTL.  Make sure it is set to the same IP and port number as the EspduReadTransformTraceExample applet.

 The time to live (TTL) field determines the number of hops the packet will travel.  Use TTL of "1" to keep the audio packets inside your subnet.

        Press the "PLAY" button to start sending the DIS packets.  You should see the vehicle move around the Monterey bay.  Press the "STOP" button to stop sending the packets.

    E.  QUIT

        To exit the application press the "QUIT" button.


        Documentation for the Java application was created using the javadoc utility.  The documentation can be found at
DisPlayer Version 1 Code Documentation


        The source code is included as part of the zip file.  It can be found in the following subdirectory: