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Current standard: IEEE 1278.1

World Coordinate Record

Size: 192
Parent Type: Vector Record
Description: Location of the origin of the entity's coordinate system shall be specified by a set of three coordinates: X, Y, and Z. The shape of the earth shall be specified using WGS 84. The origin of the world coordinate system shall be the centroid of the earth, with the X-axis passing through the Prime Meridian at the Equator, the Y-axis passing through 90 degrees East longitude at the Equator, and the Z-axis passing through the North pole (see Figure 1-1). These coordinates shall represent meters from the centroid of the earth. A 64-bit double precision floating point number shall represent the location for each coordinate.

Record Components:

Item Name Bit Length Opt Opt Ctl Rpt Rpt Ctl
X-Coordinate Field 64
Y-Coordinate Field 64
Z-Coordinate Field 64

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