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Mailing Lists and Hypermail Archive

DIS-Java-VRML Mail List

For information about the dis-java-vrml mail list, send mail to majordomo@web3D.org with info dis-java-vrml in the body of the message. Majordomo will then return the dis-java-vrml e-mail information and policy message.

To subscribe to the main dis-java-vrml mailing list, send mail to majordomo@web3D.org with subscribe dis-java-vrml in the body. This will cause majordomo to send you a piece of mail with an authentication number in it. Send mail to majordomo again, with the authentication number included as described in the mail message. This step prevents users from being subscribed to mailing lists without their permission.

The dis-java-vrml-digest mailing list packages up several day's worth of messages to the list in a single mail message to reduce the incoming traffic you have to deal with in your mailbox. This option can make it harder to participate interactively in discussions, however. To subscribe to the digest list, send mail to majordomo@web3D.org with subscribe dis-java-vrml-digest in the message body. As with the dis-java-vrml list, you'll be sent an authentication number, which you will have to mail as a reply back to majordomo, per the instructions in the message. This prevents someone from subscribing you to the mailing list without your knowledge or approval.

You must subscribe to the dis-java-vrml list before you can send mail to it - this policy is a security precaution to eliminate unwanted spam mail. To find out who else is subscribed to the list, send majordomo@web3D.org a who dis-java-vrml message.

To unsubscribe from a mailing list, send mail to majordomo@web3D.org with unsubscribe dis-java-vrml or unsubscribe dis-java-vrml-digest in the body, depending on which mailing list you have been subscribed to.

We are using Majordomo mail list software.


The primary source of announcements for dis-java-vrml is the dis-java-vrml mailing list.

Since dis-java-vrml is a VRML working group, we make announcements (such as major software releases) on www-vrml@web3D.org which is the "big VRML" list. You can subscribe to that list by following the Web3D mailing list directions.

Hypermail Archive

We maintain a hypertext mailing list archive of the dis-java-vrml mailing list discussions at www.web3D.org/WorkingGroups/dis-java-vrml/hypermail which is updated nightly.

Reviewing recent message traffic is a good way to decide whether you want to subscribe to the mailing list, or else merely monitor announcements on the www-vrml or dis-java-vrml digest lists.

We need to add a search engine for the hypermail message archives, the current hypermail search page appears to only work on the www-vrml list.

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