Bret Michael

Professor of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School


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Bret Michael is a professor with the departments of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. He conducts applied research in artificial intelligence and trusted computing in embedded and distributed systems. Prior to joining NPS in 1998, he was an assistant researcher engineer with the University of California at Berkeley conducting research on advanced vehicle control and safety systems and serving part of that time as a visiting scholar from UCB to the French National Institute for Research on Transportation Safety and Ergonomics. He started his career as a member of the research staff at the Institute for Defense Analyses and as a formal methods engineer at Argonne National Laboratory. In 1997 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers elevated him to the rank of Senior Member, followed by the IEEE Reliability Society recognizing his contributions to the field of trustworthy distributed systems with the 2010 Engineer of the Year Award. In 2008 he received a Letter of Commendation from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research Development and Acquisition, Chief Systems Engineer, for his contributions to the Navy Software Process Improvement Initiative and acquisition reform. In 2013 he received the Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal for his leadership in advancing the state of the art and practice of cyber operations, including his service on the editorial board that drafted the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare. He is currently an associate editor-in-chief of IEEE Security & Privacy magazine and the editor of the Cybertrust column of Computer magazine.



Last updated on 31 January 2020